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135 Ossington Is Toronto’s Best Coffee Shop


Coffee lover? Good news! 135 Ossington is one of the best coffee shops for everyone.

135 Ossington is a cafe that is founded on the principles of simplicity, conscious living, and hand-crafted drinks that bring people closer.

With its warm and welcoming atmosphere as well as carefully curated menus the cafe is regarded as a must-visit spot for people looking to enjoy good coffee and quality time.

Here we will take a deeper review of what makes Rooms Coffee a must-visit.


The interior was previously home to Crafted, matching that influence. Seating capacity of around ten outside and inside, provided with cushy couches, simple benches, and seats, promoting the feeling of closeness, comfort, and creative thinking.

It offers the option of seating including comfortable sofas and communal tables that are perfect for all occasions such as a personal working session or an evening out with your friends. The walls are decorated with local artwork, giving a personal touch to people’s talents.


135 Ossington is focused on spotlighting obscure hyper-local roasters such as Pop Coffee Works, The Library, Java, and Hatch. This is a space where you can relax and be in the moment, no matter whether you’re reading a novel and playing with your laptop or just enjoying your cup of morning coffee with your Pet like dog and cat.

Menu 135 Ossington

The menu is carefully curated and includes a selection of coffees, ranging from traditional espressos to modern specialty drinks that are created using top-quality beans from trusted roasters. If you’re looking for alternatives to coffee, you can choose from a range of juices, teas, and home-cooked pastries available.

The mango sunrise ($5.20) is one of the unique seasonal drinks that makes this café distinct.

Espresso or cold brew is mixed with mango juice and then strained before being topped off with grapefruit to make a delicious morning alarm.

La Bombilla ($5.50) is named for the straw-drinking yerba-mate the bitter cold brew drink that is made with honey, which is a simple syrup, a refreshing ginger syrup, and house-fizzy drinking water that is made from a soda stream.

Chrysanthemum and Goji ($3.80) is a beautiful blend made of chrysanthemum and goji, brewed in a hot kettle, and then allowed to cool before being kept in the refrigerator. The tea is caffeine-free. It’s slightly sweet and has a strong herbaceous taste, inspired by traditional Asian tea, but it’s served cold.

Pour Over ($5.50) is a product of the “slow bar” area of the menu on butcher paper. It is created using the origami dropper that the World Brewers Cup Champion uses.

You can taste a cup of a roast of Pop Coffee Works made using the beans of Yemen and a hint of dried apricots and Shiraz.

You can also find an assortment of bakery items like vegan cookies and gluten-free brownies.

Wrap Up

This beautiful coffee shop is outfitted with WiFi and as an eatery, it also serves as a place to hold workshops, classes, as well as other non-coffee occasions like portrait sessions. 135 Ossington was initially a place for pop-ups before opening full-time bricks and mortar.

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