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Nail salons in Ottawa for Manicures, Pedicures and Nail designs

8 Best Ottawa Nail Salons

Whether you’re a frazzled student, a hectic mother, or a busier than a bee businesswoman, if you’re stressed and want to wind down while indulging in some much-needed self-care, nail salons are a highly recommended pit stop. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen. In the state of Ottawa, here are the best eight salons you can visit on your next trip. You can trust us to give you the best nail salons in Ottawa that won’t let you down. Aside from the trust factor, staff service, salon vibe, and designs, these salons offer the best of the best. Bookings here fill up quickly. Take advantage of your day to treat yourself by calling one of the below.

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Smudge Beauty Bar

Known as Ottawa’s friendliest neighborhood beauty bar, Smudge is aesthetic, locally sourced, and environmentally friendly. With their clientèle’s nail health in mind, the professionals at Smudge are dedicated to providing a relaxing atmosphere while using high-quality, hand-picked, and sustainable products to give you the best nail salon experience in downtown Ottawa. The Bar’s meni pedi services include exfoliation, nail conditioning, and cuticle treatment to help tame and shape your nails. Moreover, any special requests are eagerly entertained. Working with dermatologically certified skin specialists, Smudge Beauty bar also strives to provide the best skin care and waxing treatments, staying true to their commitment to the well-being of everyone under their roof. The regulars, dubbed ‘Smudgeroos’, have praised the staff for being friendly, kind, and informative, and the service for being clean and relaxing. So, the next time you search for ‘the best nail salons near me’, check out Smudge Beauty Bar for the best experience.

Address: 223 Dalhousie St, Ottawa, ON K1N 7E1, Canada

Phone no.: +1 613-680-2309


Glorious Nails and Spa

Known for their attention to detail and their latest technological resources, Glorious Nails is a one-stop shop for all your nail beauty needs. Glorious Nails services include, among others, artificial nails, manicure and pedicure salon, skin care and phibrows, fake eyelashes, dip powder nails, and even Body Piercing. With their hygienic, luxurious, and tranquil environment, GNAS not only ensures a client’s satisfaction but also their health and safety. Their interactive website allows you to book an appointment whenever you want and let yourself be pampered, just like the regulars who will sing their praises to anyone who’ll listen.

Address: 100 Marché Way Unit 103, Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3, Canada

Phone no.:  +1 613-680-8899


Crazy Nails

Crazy Nails professionals combine nail art with superior client care. Not only do they take care of your nails, provide the best pedicures in Ottawa, and offer deep massage service and waxing, but while you are waiting for your appointment in their well-equipped glamour nail lounge, they even provide you with complimentary food and beverages. Crazy Nails highly trained staff is dedicated to delivering the clients from mundane stress and worries using extensive and affordable beauty services like Shellac manicures and pedicures, artificial nails, tinting, fake eyelashes, and waxing. Their menu even boasts a kids section. Reviewers of the Crazy Nails Salon Near Ottawa have often mentioned getting hooked on the place after going there just once.

Address: 242 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1X4, Canada

Phone no.: +1 613-854-8194


Lilac Nails and Spa

While a little expensive, LNAS boasts a unique experience complete with expert staff and unique services like French manicures and gel nails. It also provides combo packages to balance out the prices and the convenient option of online appointments, with an online picture gallery of past notable works available for reference. For people looking to relax after a long and hectic week, LNAS is the perfect place to get a nail salon, hot stone massage or a facial and mani-pedi. This will enable them to really let go and relax. Despite the price range, customers have stuck by the establishment thanks to their customer service and the durability of their work. 

Address: 1105 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X4, Canada

Phone no.+1 613-731-5222


La Crystal Nail and Spa

La Crystal is a nail salon and spa that offers a wide range of services and treatments, including laser hair removal, manicures and pedicures, waxing, tinting, and Shellac nail care. The most unique aspect of the salon is its mobile nail technicians. These technicians offer all the traditional salon services except in the customer’s home, office, or any other specified place for their convenience. LCNAS staff are highly trained and experienced, and the equipment is top-notch and thoroughly sterilized. Reviewers of the establishment have been noted to gush about the talents, care, and kindness of the staff, so a good time is guaranteed.

Address: 117 Murray St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5M5, Canada

Phone no.: +1 613-860-0717


Trending Nails

Providing a personalized, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere, Trending Nails is one of the most popular nail lounges in Ottawa. The staff, priding themselves as germaphobes, strive to maintain a hygienic environment while giving the customers the best treatments, including manicures, pedicures, Shellac options, and more. With its affordable prices and quality care, Trending Nails Salon Ottawa is a busy establishment. It has loads of regular customers flocking to the place, making it a bit more crowded than you would expect. Anyone who’s been there once sings high praises and highly recommends it, implying that if you skip it, you’ll be missing out. 

Address: 1355 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2B 6R7, Canada 

Phone no.: +1 613-829-4444

Catchy Beauty

Exceptional quality meets comfort and convenience at Catchy Beauty. They boast a long menu of a variety of services, including a nail lounge, eyelash extensions, Ombre French manicures, and holographic nail art. Situated in the perfect nail salon place, Catchy Beauty and their staff offer a deep, relaxing experience, upholding the highest hygiene standards and sterilization processes. Extremely talented technicians, an aesthetic and homely ambiance, and budget-friendly services make Catchy Beauty well worth the hype it has garnered in the industry. Reviewers have offered high praise to the establishment and called their work pieces of art.

Address: 117 Centrepointe Dr #121, Nepean, ON K2G 5X3, Canada

Phone no.: +1 613-800-5678


West Side Spa

Utilizing a blend of ayurvedic methods, West Side Spa offers a warm and inclusive space with a variety of services like trendy hairstyles, spa treatments and skin improvement treatments. As a Aveda partner, WSS Ottawa promises rejuvenation and relaxation combined with fashion and style. Rated as a must-try with more than 5000 satisfied customers, WSS has proven that its years of experience in the business have truly set it apart as a top-notch salon. 

Address: 1234 Merivale Rd #2, Ottawa, ON K2C 4C3, Canada

Phone no.: +1 613-715-9614


Frequently Asked Question

What about dip/diamond/solar/crystal/porcelain nails?

Solar are French-style (pink and white) nails; crystals are clear tips covered with acrylic monomer; and diamond is a dip procedure that uses acrylic powder instead of acrylic liquid. Solar is ranked as the toughest, while dip powder is the least durable.

What does nail salon aftercare look like?

After a thorough nail service, as part of aftercare, customers are asked to use cuticle oil daily to keep the nails nourished, dry the hands thoroughly after washing and applying moisturizer, and wear rubber gloves when washing up, cleaning, or gardening.

What do I need to know before going to a nail salon?

When going to a nail salon, you should know what you want from each service and be familiar with what the salon offers. It is also recommended to bring your own manicure and pedicure tools and take note of the safety and cleanliness measures taken by the salon.

How much tip should you give at a nail salon?

The most common and widely accepted tip at a nail salon is 20 percent of the cost of whatever service was requested.

Should I make an appointment before coming to a nail salon?

Yes, it is generally preferable to make online appointments beforehand, as they are given priority over walk-ins.

Can I bring my own nail toolkit to the nail salon?

Yes, not only is it allowed, but people often exclusively prefer bringing their own toolkit for fear of infection via unsterilized tools.

The 6 Best Body Piercing studios in Ottawa

The 6 Best Body Piercing studios in Ottawa

Body piercing represents a reflection of one’s personality, an expression of distinctive characteristics, and a mark of one’s personal fashion. The good news is that Ottawa is abuzz with experienced body piercers who can satisfy most of your piercing cravings. This is whenever you decide to participate in this skill! As well as whether you’re searching for additional opportunities in the metropolitan area to present yourself as a person.

Ottawa’s leading piercing venues are able to provide people with whatever style of piercing anyone wants. No matter what type of piercing used, whether it’s an ordinary earlobe piercing or an advanced facial piercing design or even flesh body piercing, the results will be similar.

Piercings should not be carried out based on a hunch. Ottawa is home to some fuss-free piercing places.

Best Piercing shops in Ottawa


The high-end studio Vanity focuses on luxurious jewelry and is an expert in piercings, microblading, lashes, nails, and other aesthetic services. The company takes immense satisfaction in the caliber of our goods and services. Our expert professionals are going to make the visit one to remember, and our employees thrive on offering excellent customer service. Make an appointment today to treat yourself!

Vanity was established in 2018 to alter the way of piercing. They strongly believe that aesthetic procedures should go close together with body piercings to improve attractiveness. This is the rationale behind why we established this lovely location that In search of Ottawa’s top body piercing facilities? Almost every service can be found in Ottawa, especially services that merely require us to prick through a needle to add just a little and a lot of jewelry to our bodies. Offers top-notch customer support, fine jewelry, and high-end services.



Address: 261 St. Patrick St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5K4, Canada

Customer Review

The initial intention was to get my belly pierced, but sadly I lacked the proper anatomical structure for a speedy recovery. Tine’s clarification was well-informed and concise. I’m very happy that she had some discussion. I feel certain that she fully disclosed any dangers and truly has your best interests at its core. Instead, I decided to opt for a double nose piercing, and she was so gracious as to make time in her timeline for me. She was quite amiable and courteous, and her demeanor was impeccable. I’ll return without a doubt, and Vanity is the best for piercings and guidance.

The Ink Spot Tattoo Studio

Professional tattooing is the service that Ink Spot, a company founded in 2000, is delighted to offer its clients. Tattoos can be done in any way you like, including cover-up and modification. Furthermore, they provide piercings and laser lighting. The Ink Spot even offers customized design services. Branding, scarification, and common piercings are examples of other body alterations. Likewise services provide genital piercings or beadings as well as dermal piercing e.g. ear piercing, nose piercing. The Ottawa Board of Health undertakes periodic checks of the Ink Spot. Ensure that the sterilizers are working properly and sterilizing twice a month by performing spore tests.

Customer’s Review

“John completed a cover-up tattoo for me earlier. It is now recovering well and he performed a fantastic job. Before making this reservation, I combed through a plethora of profiles in the Ottawa region and chose Matt. He is highly skilled and I want to commission him for more work in the years to come.

Free World Tattoo

It is located in the heart of Canada, Ottawa. Free World Tattoo shop is offering different types of piercing services to their customers. It is also a nearby place where people can explore without any hassle. Some of you must visit Free World Tattoo if you’re the sort of individual who enjoys septum piercing. You can feel secure knowing that you will be in good hands because they are renowned for their exceptional client service and have an employee pool that is both informed and friendly.

Fabulous By Juliette


Have you understood that your physical appearance may impact how you feel? You should always keep an eye on your appearance whenever you wish to keep yourself in a state of happiness, and the simplest way to accomplish this is to seek the services of professionals at beauty salons. You can get pierced, for example, at Fabulous by Juliette. Taking care of yourself regularly will help you recognize yourself more. Getting beauty services at a beauty spa centers will offer you relaxation and not concentrate on anything. Ear piercing, septum piercing, nose piercing, tongue piercing, VCH piercing, double dyed piercing, lip piercing, cartilage tattoos, and eyebrow piercings are some examples of body piercings. All these services are available at Fabulous By Juliette, one of the best piercing shop in Ottawa.

Universal Tattoo & Body Piercing

The venerable Universal Tattoo & Body Piercing in Ottawa delivers an extensive tattoo and body piercing experience. They concentrate on both beauty and safeguarding, accommodating each person who comes in along with their schedules, so that you may have the body piercing of your desires. The staff at this facility is skilled at a wide range of designs, from standard lobe piercings to more elaborate facial and body piercings. Universal Tattoo & Body Piercing Ottawa, which is among the most well-known piercing facilities in Ottawa, is more than merely an environment in which individuals express themselves.

Silverline Tattoo and Body piercing Studio Ottawa

One of Ottawa’s top tattoo and body-piercing studios for more than 20 years. We constantly comply with health board inspection requirements and strictly adhere to the most strict regulatory requirements for sanitation and sterility. Their exceptional service to clients, flawless hygiene, and incredible tattoos and piercings, in our view, constitute the key elements that have contributed to our success. We appreciate Ottawa’s dedication to being unique and expressive once we bring to an end an exploration of the city’s top body-piercing facilities. The best places to get pierced in Ottawa deliver more than just aesthetic excellence; additionally, they concentrate on your safety and health, as well as ensuring that your piercing technique is as comfortable as it is fashionable.

Frequently asked Questions

How much does a septum piercing cost in Ottawa?

Piercing prices vary depending on the area. But for septum it costs around 35 dollars.

What is the most unique piercing?

There are so many rare piercings such as dimple piercing, nipple piercing, tongue web, smiley, frowny, Nasallang, vertical nose tip, Septril and many more.

Which piercing is the Ideal?

Conch, tragus, Daith, helix, and crow piercings are among the adorable body piercings.

What is the most safest piercing?

Earlobes are among the most prudent and most popular body regions to be pierced, together with the nasal and navel buttons. If the site is frequently sanitized and the piercing is carried out at the correct angle, the skin of the earlobe recovers properly.

Is body piercing safe?

If it is done in a correct way, then it is safe. First you should find a skilled and competent piercer to get it done. Ensure that the instruments you use are clean and sterilized. Never rush when getting any piercing done.

How long does a body piercing heal?

It requires a minimum of eight to twelve weeks to recuperate. When the ornaments may be taken out for any amount of duration without the danger of the hole closing, most tattoos on the body need to heal for a minimum of a 6 month period to a yearlong.

How should I care for my first time body piercing?

Even at night, keep the ornaments in the newly acquired piercing for at least a six-week period. If you take off your beginning accessories too soon, the piercings will block.

Maintain it tidy

Hands ought to be regularly washed before touching freshly pierced areas. This lessens disease risk. You need to thoroughly rinse away the soap. Avoid getting water in sensitive areas, such as your ears. Stay away from soap with antibacterial agents or hydrogen peroxide to scrub the tattoo since they can harm the skin that is healing.

Spread a little layer of Vaseline in a squeeze container around every orifice. Utilize a tight squeeze nozzle whenever possible to avoid contaminating your tattoos with any bacteria that might be in a wide-mouthed box.

What are the risks associated with body piercing?

While getting your piercing you can easily acquire so many infections such as different types of bacteria, fungal infections, HIV, Hepatitis etc. Keloid formation can also occur during healing time periods, allergic contact dermatitis may occur, excessive bleeding, nerve damage.

9 Best Hair Salon Services In Ottawa

Best Hair Salon In Ottawa

Your hair cut is essential to creating the ideal appearance and leaving a memorable impression. With its dynamic culture and global appeal, Ottawa is home to numerous exceptional hair salons Ottawa that can accommodate a wide range of tastes and preferences. These Men & Women hair salons in Ottawa are the best in the business and can provide you with flawless results whether you want a dramatic change or are just looking to update your present appearance.

Ottawa’s 5 Best Men’s Hair Cut Salons

Kings Own Barbershop

For males alone, Kings Own Barbershop provides a distinctive fusion of traditional and modern grooming services. They offer customized consultations with a staff of talented barbers to assist customers achieve their ideal look, whether it’s a sharp business cut or a fashionable and edgy style.

Customer Reviews

Chris was incredibly affable and had amazing knowledge. His fade abilities are just incredible, and the reality that he creates his own goods is wicked! Not just are they of high quality, but they also have a wonderful scent! It was my first time using a blade to fade, so it was a new experience for me. I wholeheartedly endorse King’s Own Barbershop.”

House of Barons

A premier men’s grooming location, House of Barons is renowned for its opulent and modern ambiance. As well as traditional and contemporary haircuts, their talented barbers specialize in beard trims, shaving, and a variety of other styling treatments. House of Barons clients receive stylish and flawless appearances because of their emphasis on accuracy and meticulousness.

“This barbershop has become my favorite. Remi gave me a fantastic cut and was very detail-oriented. In addition to the haircut, this place had a wonderful ambiance that helped me feel at home. When I showed up, the other employees welcomed me and gave me water. I’ll surely return!”

Johnny Razor Barbershop Ottawa

Johnny Razor Barbershop Ottawa is a family-run business that specializes in male grooming and offers a variety of services, such as hot towel shaves, facials, and haircuts. Every customer exiting their hair salon feels confident plus well-groomed because their skilled barbers know both modern trends and time-tested methods. The best barbershop experience I’ve had was at Johnny Razor’s. The entire team is incredibly skilled and polite. The finest barber ever is Jesse. Excellent focus on everything. Anyone looking for their “go-to” cheap hair salon near me should consider this shop.

Customer Reviews for Johnny Razor hair Salon

“My barber is Jesse, who is incredibly skilled, tidy, quick, and competent. The store itself has a cozy atmosphere. Strongly suggest Jesse and every member of the staff, who are all skilled and welcoming”

Crows nest barbershop

When you walk into Crows Nest Barbershop in Ottawa, you immediately sense a fusion of classic allure and sophisticated elegance. You are taken back in time to a time when grooming was considered a profession of art thanks to the devotion given to detail in both the decor and the service.

The best care and trim is provided by Jeff and his team at Crows Nest! The sight of everyone smiling makes it a delight to fade. Always outstanding customer service, and I wholeheartedly endorse this company for those seeking a fantastic barbershop visit!

Customer reviews

A nice time was had while getting a fantastic haircut (skin fade). While numerous individuals can give excellent haircuts, few can also make their clients feel comfortable and have an incredible time while sharing amusing anecdotes. I felt as though I had known my barber Jeff for fifteen years during the first five minutes of visiting him. The staff at the Crows Nest Barbershop is amazing, and I highly suggest it”

Khalil Barbershop

Excellent men’s hairstylists include Khalil Barbershop. Skilled hair salon services in Ottawa will take care of every one of your requirements. There is no question that Sam and his staff at Khalil Barbershop are the best hair salon in Ottawa town. They are deserving of the reputation as the greatest in the area!

If you intend to have a haircut at this barbershop, worry not because the job will be handled by qualified hands. The internal environment is tastefully decorated, spotless, and well-organized. You’ll discover a fantastically entertaining expert team indoors.

Customer reviews

“My favorite spot in Ottawa for haircuts is Khalil’s. Today Vincenzo trimmed my beard and provided me with a skin fade! This is the place to go if you care about the quality of your hair and service. You’ll receive the cut you desired once the welcoming staff offers you an espresso

The aforementioned five Ottawa Men hair salons have continually proven their prowess, devotion, and originality in hairstyling. You can trust these salons to give you a pleasant and memorable experience, regardless of the appearance or styling you choose.

These five men’s hair salons services in Ottawa have won accolades for their professionalism, meticulousness, and dedication to offering excellent grooming services designed especially for men. Whether you’re seeking a traditional haircut, a modern style, or a clean shave, you can expect these establishments to fulfill your grooming requirements with accuracy and fashion.

Best 4 Female hair Salon’s Near Ottawa

Maneland hair Salon

Maneland Hair Salon is the place for you if you’re an innovator who likes daring and bold hairstyles in Ottawa. This innovative salon blends artistic vision with technical know-how to produce cutting-edge looks that are memorable. Maneland Hair Salon challenges the boundaries of traditional beauty with its bold colors and edgy hairstyles. They are well known for its commitment to providing unique and cutting-edge hair services. There are many options offered, ranging from fine cuts and creative coloring to extravagant treatments that leave clients feeling rejuvenated and confident.

Customer Review

“John was a terrific experience for me. John took the time to completely comprehend my needs before expertly fulfilling them. My first haircut and highlight session was successful thanks to his professionalism and helpfulness. I had fantastic interactions with the manager and every and I adore my hair. I’ll surely return.”

Hair Junkie Ottawa

Hair Junkie Ottawa is a modern, stylish salon that provides a wide range of services specifically designed to meet women’s hair maintenance and style demands. Whether you’re looking to make a modest change or a strong statement, their talented stylists are committed to producing one-of-a-kind and trendy styles.

Customer Reviews

“Today, Kyle chopped my hair. The absolute best salon session I’ve ever had! I am ecstatic about the fantastic job he performed on my haircut. The best part of my entire day was also the discussion about our kittens! If any of my pals were seeking for a hairstylist, I would heartily recommend Kyle. The receptionist was wonderful as well as friendly! I’m glad I found this location”

BossArts Salon and Spa

BossArts Salon and Spa prides itself on its innovative and contemporary methods of hairstyling. Their skilled designers effectively craft distinctive cuts, vibrant colors, and fashion-forward hairstyles that represent each client’s personality and style. The talented hairdressers at this salon take the time to learn about every customer’s tastes, which results in gorgeous haircuts, colors, and styles that express uniqueness and accentuate their true beauty.

Customer review

“I adore my Rajaa-created color! It can occasionally be hit or miss when whitening my dark brown or black hair. I decided to try a different hairdresser because I wasn’t happy with the prior one who lightened my hair. Rajaa has extensive experience styling dark hair, and it’s obvious. There were no pronounced lines, and my hair wasn’t brassy or too bleached. I highly suggest her because she spends a lot of effort and consideration into her work”

Saab Salon Spa

The Saab Salon Spa, known for its premium setting and excellent services, provides a wide variety of pampering and enhancing therapies. Their staff of experts concentrates on providing tailored attention to guarantee that each client departs feeling happy, whether they need a precise haircut or exquisite coloring.

Customer Review

“Although I spent years growing my hair out and was hesitant to cut it short to remove split ends and add volume, Frank gave me gorgeous highlights, and I’m happy that I followed his advice.

My new hair is fantastic.

It is quite expensive, but well worth it!

Gratitude to SAAB”

All of the aforementioned Ottawa hair salons for women have a solid distinction for offering outstanding services, individualized care, and remarkable outcomes. These salons are certain to surpass what you were expecting and leave you feeling happy and gorgeous, whether you’re searching for a traditional, refined look or a bold, modern look. Your hair serves as a blank canvas on which to paint your unique personality and sense of style. The best women’s beauty salons in Ottawa are aware of this feeling and go far beyond to design designs that fit your style. These top cheap hair salons near me in Ottawa have repeatedly shown that they can transform your hair goals into gorgeous realities, whether you’re looking for a refined and vintage look or a modern and daring alteration. Make a reservation at one of these salons to start a voyage of luxury and expressing oneself unlike any other.

Frequently asked Question

How much should I pay to cut my hair in Ottawa?

The price of a haircut may differ significantly based on a number of variables, which include the salon’s place, the stylist’s background, its nature, and the particular services it provides.

What to do if you can’t afford a haircut?

Here nevertheless are a number of solutions available to you if you are unable to pay for a haircut that will meet your requirements for haircuts and grooming without breaking the bank. Here are some substitutes to take into account:

  • Diy
  • Ask your relatives or close friends.
  • Trim just what is necessary.

How much tip should I pay my hairdresser?

Tipping a hairstylist is customary and an opportunity to express gratitude for their assistance and talent. The appropriate tipping size will depend on a number of elements, including the caliber of the service, your rapport with the stylist, the cost of the salon, and your own financial situation. 15% to 20% of the entire charge is often the industry standard for hair service tips.

How can I properly convey to my hairdresser the haircut I want?

Use simple language and pictures. Specify the measurements, texture, and general appearance you want.

How can I pick a Best hair salon that’s right for me?

Think about your preferred hairstyles, spending limit, and location.

Check out the salon’s portfolios, read feedback, and get referrals.

Make an appointment for a consultation to go over your demands and evaluate the salon’s environment.