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The 10 Best Cleaning Services In Ottawa

Best Home Cleaning Services in Ottawa ON Let Them Take Over!

Growing up, all we had to worry about was school. And even that seems like the biggest struggle most of the time. While we procrastinate on our studies and hang out with our friends, our parents take care of the whole house silently. Almost like ninjas. But then we grow up and realize our parents weren’t ninjas after all. They were normal human beings struggling to balance the many aspects of daily life. Our generation has become too busy to take care of. I’m talking about all those boring house chores, of course. Who wants to clean and organize after a long but fulfilling day at work? Well, if you’re stuck in this situation, then you might want to call a home cleaning services. The clutter in your apartment and that white rug that hasn’t been white in a long time won’t clean itself, after all.

Below, we’ve highlighted the ten best cleaning services in Ottawa, making it easier for you to choose one if you’re in the city.

Peloso Cleaners #1Cleaning Service

Peloso Cleaners is an old company. They have been providing us with their expert cleaning services for 30 years now. Their business is local and family owned, which gives them the magic touch that has earned them the title of best dry cleaners in Ottawa. This laundry symbol of Canada has a variety of items that are included in their service: leather and jackets, formal corporate wear, wedding gowns, and rugs and carpets.

Peloso Cleaners are characterized by their thorough inspection process. They check every item carefully for stains. That’s because they know that each type of stain demands a different approach to washing. For example, if there is a coffee stain, the clothing will go through three different washes. 

If you have any old clothes that you need to turn into new ones, Peloso is the place for the job. They have a very careful restoration process. They first sit with you to check for stains and any other damage, then come up with a plan for the item’s recovery. They can even restore products that were severely damaged by fire and water. 

Peloso Cleaners is trustworthy. Many satisfied customers of Peloso have left gushing reviews about not only their work but also their customer service. In short, Peloso Cleaners are worth every penny.
Contact US


Address: 489 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1S 4N7, Canada
Phone No: +1 613-230-0361
Province: Ontario

Jaiko Cleaning

Jaiko is one of the giants of deep cleaning services in Ottawa. They serve both residential and commercial clients. Jaiko has a whole list of expert cleaning services, including air duct cleaning, area rug cleaning and repair, renovation cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, home deep cleaning services, move-in and move-out cleaning services, odor removal, etc. 

The professionals at Jaiko Cleaning use cleaning products from Benefect, an environmentally friendly and sustainable brand of cleaning products. Jaiko is the best cleaning service because they first perform a pre-cleaning inspection. They ask specific questions about the job they will perform.

Then they look for any damage that they will have to repair along with the cleaning. This helps them decide what kind of products they will need for the specific job and what parts they will have to pay extra attention to. All this attention to detail helps Jaiko give the best cleaning service in Ottawa. Additionally, Jaiko house cleaning rates per hour are very affordable.

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Address: 174 Colonnade Rd, Ottawa, ON K2E 7J5, Canada
Phone No: +1 613-225-5145
Province: Ontario

The Done Right Cleaning Service

The Done Right Cleaning Service lives up to its name. Which means they clean your house and they do it right. They provide the highest quality work while making sure they stay strong on their commitment to customer satisfaction. Plus, their service is not just limited to residential apartments and houses, they also offer their services for commercial clients. If you search for ‘house cleaners near me’, the Done Right Cleaning Service will be your best option. Founded in 2010, Done Right has more than 20 years’ experience in the cleaning industry.

The variety of services offered by Done Right include house cleaning, commercial cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, window cleaning services, and even post-construction cleaning. Now, sometimes, when you let unknown people into your home, you’re understandably worried about your safety. But with Done Right, you have no need to worry. All their cleaners and technicians are fully insured, trained and background-checked. Additionally, Done Right offers their valued customers a guarantee of satisfaction. Which means you can ask for a redo if your cleaning job is not up to your standards. Done Right has a large customer following that has been with them for years. So if you are looking for a professional, reliable service in Ottawa, Done Right is thoroughly recommended.

Enviropure Home Cleaning Service

These days, almost all the adults in a household work in their separate jobs. So, everyone is out of the house half the day and once they return, cleaning and chores are the last thing they want to do. So, if you’re in one of these households, it’s best to call Enviropure to take care of the house for you. They use affordable and environmentally friendly services that maintain a high level of quality. 

The cleaners from Enviropure do a thorough, detail-oriented and deep clean of your apartment. That way, they make sure no mess is left behind. Moreover, Enviropure lives up to its name and stays away from dangerous and chemicals, instead they take special care to use natural and sustainable products. 

Enviropure’s various cleaning services include deep cleaning, carpet cleaning services, mattress cleaning, odor removal, renovation cleaning, and estate cleaning. Their natural and safe services even include disinfection, asthma and allergy relief cleaning, and indoor air quality testing. The most unique thing about Enviropure is their COVID-19 disinfection protocol that they offer for free along with other cleaning packages. Enviropure’s services have been rated 94% on Homestars and have received a lot of positive reviews.

Merry Maids of Ottawa Cleaning Services

For Merry Maids, your home is not just a building, but a place where memories are made and love blossoms. We provide you with a healthy and clean environment when you hire a maid service in Ottawa We are dedicated to taking care of your house. Merry Maids Cleaning Service Ottawa have safety and cleaning procedures that are approved and backed by all ServiceMaster Brands. They have more than 40 years of extensive experience in the cleaning business. They are the most viable option available to you when searching maid services near me.

Among the services offered by Merry Maids in Ottawa are housekeeping, holiday cleaning, apartment cleaning, maid service, green cleaning, organizational services, and specialty cleaning. These extensive and deep cleaning services let you sit back and relax and spend time with your loved ones while the Merry Maids do the job.

Expanding to over 500 locations across North Ottawa, Merry Maids offers a detail-oriented service according to your needs and preferences. Their service has won several national level awards and they are trusted and recommended by all their existing clients.

Euroshine Local Cleaning Company Serving Ottawa

Euroshine is another award-winning cleaning service in Ottawa. Many residential and commercial places across Ottawa and beyond hire the talented and experienced professionals from Euroshine to provide them with cleaning services that suit their needs and schedules. Euroshine is a local business that even provides the option of recleaning within a 24 hour time period if the customers are not satisfied with their service. Their cleaning services include office cleaning, one-time cleaning, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning and move in/move out cleaning etc. Owner and manager of Euroshine, Kristina, is a perfectionist at heart. She has let that quality of hers seep into not only her home but also her business. This thoroughness and commitment has allowed Euroshine to become one of the most respected cleaning services in Ottawa.

Euroshine uses cleaning products that are all natural and eco-friendly. The products they use are also used in the emergency room, rest/eating areas and food preparation, processing and packaging areas. So they are all safe to use. Some cleaning services are too nitpicky and specific with a lot of restrictions. Euoshine is not one of them. They are flexible and listen to all requests and recommendations. They don’t even have a problem with pets and animals in the house. All their clients have applauded them as the perfect company to work with.

Steam Dry Canada

Steam Dry Canada is a home deep cleaning service with a team of professionals and insured, background checked technicians that provide flexible, high quality cleaning services. These services include area rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, furnace and duct cleaning, humidifier services, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, commercial HVAC duct cleaning, and even water tank installation. Their furnace and duct cleaning services are important for maintaining good air quality because they remove dust, pollen, and other allergic substances from our heating and cooling system. The company also offers indoor air quality testing and remediation services. Additionally, if you have been through a flood, Steam Dry Canada also offers flood restoration services for you that include water removal, drying, and cleaning. They can also help you repair any damage that was caused by the flood.

Founded in 2002 and now with 16 branches all over Canada, Steam Dry has a proven business model and marketing processes that will allow it to grow and develop even more. They offer affordable services and prioritize customer satisfaction more than anything else. Using their interactive website, you can book their cleaning service today and have your house deep cleaned and tidy in no time. With their competitive prices, positive customer reviews, and trustworthy technicians, Steam Dry Canada is a highly recommended cleaning service.

Mopify Ottawa

Mopify Ottawa encourages you to go about your day without worrying while they take care of all your chores and cleaning hassle free. They are a modern company that provides their services conveniently online; you can not only book your appointments, but also reschedule and manage your payments. Their cleaning professionals are skilled, detail-oriented, friendly and background checked. Mopify Cleaning Service Near Ottawa is very affordable and budget friendly and offers satisfaction guarantees to give you the full experience of their exceptional service. 

On the Mopify website, once you start your booking, you will be matched with an available cleaner who will then contact you and set an appointment date and time. You’ll get a notification once the cleaning starts. When it’s done and your house is clean and tidy, you’ll get another notification and an email with the option to review your experience. The payment process is incredibly secure as well so there is no need to worry on that front either.

Mopify Cleaning services include one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly house cleaning, plus an Airbnb cleaning and turnover service. These services are priced on an hourly rate starting at 30 dollars per hour. If you become a regular, the cleaner matched to you will be the same person every time. This is so they get used to your schedule and specific needs. This fact has allowed many customers to leave satisfied reviews about Mopify’s service and their skilled cleaners.


Scrubbi has been awarded One of The Best House Cleaning Services in Ottawa by Cleaning Service Reviewed. Like a few other services on our list, they also provide a 24-hour service guarantee. This means you can demand a recleaning if you are not satisfied with the service. Their house cleaning professionals are not only skilled and thorough, but also trustworthy and insured. They also provide the option of online booking with electronic reminders and invoices. Most importantly, Scrubbi uses natural, eco-friendly cleaning products and technology that keep your house and environment not only clean but also healthy.

Scrubbi cleaning services include spring cleaning, one-time cleaning, move in/move out cleaning, and weekly and monthly cleaning. These services can be hired regularly or temporarily if you have been rendered disabled or need to leave the house unattended. All these services take care of your bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways as well as your kitchens and living rooms, all for an affordable price that is well worth the expert service. On a deeper level, Scrubbi cleaners can even clean your walls, interior cabinets and windows, refrigerators and ovens. Customers always leave happy and satisfied after a cleaning service from Scrubbi thanks to their excellent customer service. If you have questions or complaints, you can also call customer support with the fastest response time in the industry.

Clean Freaks

Ottawa’s most popular house and carpet cleaning company, Clean Freaks, is locally owned and operated. They are known for their latest technology and deep and fast cleaning. Their cleaners, the best house cleaners in Ottawa, are reliable and insured. Their prices and services are affordable and their cleaning products are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Clean Freaks are a three time Consumers Choice Award Winner.

Their cleaning services include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, house cleaning, area rug cleaning, leather furniture cleaning, mattress cleaning, wall washing and move in/move out cleaning. Clean Freaks specialize in carpet and rug cleaning; they are the only service in Ottawa that cleans wool area rugs safely on site. Clean Freaks uses organic and natural cleaners and high-quality chemicals to clean area rugs of any material and size. 

At Clean Freak, the professionals consider being invited to the clients’ home an honor and a privilege. Therefore, they take special care to provide you with the best and highest quality service that they can.


What is the average cost of maid services?

Maid services usually charge by the hour and the average hourly rate is 25 to 30 dollars. 

What do maid services provide?

Maid services usually provide a range of services. They can be regular or general cleaning or a deeper house cleaning consisting of bathroom, kitchen and vacuum cleaning to closets, vents and air ducts and odor removal. 

Does vinegar kill mold?

Yes, vinegar can be used to kill some types of mold, especially common household molds like the ones that usually grow in bathrooms and kitchens. 

How much does a cleaning service cost?

The rate for a cleaning service can vary depending on different factors, but generally, cleaning services charge 25-30 dollars per hour. 

Do you tip cleaning services?

Tipping the cleaner is not exactly something you are required to do but it is common practice and generally nice. 

How to start a cleaning service?

Starting a cleaning service can be a lengthy process. You’ll have to research and plan, take legal precautions, settle on a name and branding, buy equipment and supplies, set pricing, build marketing and advertising strategies, write up contracts and agreements and create safety and quality control. 

Can dry cleaners get stains out?

Yes, dry cleaners specialize in removing different types of stains from different types of clothes and fabrics. 

How much do pool cleaners make?

Pool cleaners may earn an average hourly income of 15-30$, but it can vary depending on different factors.

What do catalytic converter cleaners work?

Catalytic converter cleaners are used to clean and restore the performance of a catalytic converter in a vehicle’s exhaust system.

6 of the Best Studios to take a Yoga Class in Ottawa

Best Studios to take a Yoga Class in Ottawa

In Ottawa, it’s easy to become engrossed in the daily commotion and never unwind. You will always be in the midst of a whirlwind if you live in this vibrant and diverse nation. However, there are times when you just need to unwind and take a break from your busy schedule. Yoga Class can help with that since it provides the ideal opportunity to breathe, stretch, move, and let it all out.

A terrific way to relax, find your core, and burn a lot of calories all at once is to practice yoga. Reaching the pinnacle of Zen does not require being an accomplished yogi. You’ll discover that engaging your mind, body, and spirit, as well as stretching out your tense muscles and engaging in deep breathing exercises, will help you to decompress and feel much better. Ottawa has some of the hippest yoga studios, with everything from vivacious hot yoga classes to the most tranquil settings.

How much is a Yoga class in Ottawa?

Yoga lessons may be available at some community centers for as little as $5 to $10 per class for locals and a little more for non-locals.
Yoga studios usually charge more, with drop-in prices for each class averaging $15 to $25 or more. If you attend classes frequently, many studios also have class bundles or monthly memberships that can lower the cost per session.

Scroll on for the 6 Best Ottawa Yoga Studios to book an appointment ASAP.

#1. Modo Yoga Orleans

Modo Yoga Orleans

A team of dedicated learners who adore yoga, care about the environment, and want to see greater harmony in the world come together to form Modo Yoga Orleans. All are welcome here. We provide accessible programs that are stimulating, healthy, and enjoyable, regardless of whether you are a complete newbie or an advanced, seasoned learner. I’ll see you in the steam room soon.

Review About Modo Yoga Orleans

I take part in Modo Yoga’s community classes, which are fantastic! I always enjoy myself after class thanks to Kim’s calm demeanor, kind humor, and intelligence. The space itself is spotless, tranquil, and warm. Every student is greeted by soft music and a comforting aroma prior to entering the lobby. You feel relaxed as soon as you do. I would advise that you consider checking out the weekend community and karma courses at this studio to see if it’s a good fit for you”
Memberships range from $60 to $200 per month. Livestream classes are also available.

Address: 2442 St Joseph Blvd, Orléans, ON K1C 1G1, Canada


#2. YogaTown

Throughout a yoga session with YogaTown, students are prepared for a personal experience of action, quietness, songs, and meditation. They provide hot Yoga classes. Their objective is to coordinate your heart, breath, body, and mind. It is the best yoga center near me. During the routine of conventional Vinyasa exercise, Yoga teachers shared their passion for Asana, Kirtan, and spiritual teaching. The best yoga studio in Ottawa is now known as Yogatown. Tracy and Jason Billows own Yogatown, which offers Ottawa’s best yoga instructors and hosts a variety of courses and unique occasions.

“I adore this location! Excellent customer service, fantastic yoga, and a stunning environment…I can’t often travel there because it’s too far…You should be in Kanata, please! In Kanata, there isn’t much of a hot yoga studio.
The cost of a membership can be $30 per class or $1540 per year.

Address: 300 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7R6, Canada


#3. Pure Yoga Ottawa

Pure Yoga Ottawa studios offer students over 100 training sessions on a weekly basis, covering multiple techniques delivered by the best yoga instructors near me. These classes are popular for a reason: you’ll get top-notch yoga teacher training. 

“Despite having subscriptions to various studios in the area, I’ve been a member of Pure Yoga for quite a few years. The reality that you can visit three more Pure Yoga studios nearby whenever you’re ready to get your om on doesn’t hurt, either. Pure is definitely the best yoga studio in Ottawa. While many of their programs are more difficult, they also offer flow and Yin classes for people who want to take a moment to unwind. The staff is really welcoming and accommodating. The trainers are skilled and do a good job of mixing up the classes. Pure will not leave you unsatisfied!”

At Pure Yoga, you get an initial, no-cost lesson for beginners, and it is a cheap yoga center among others. For more information, you need to buy an account and get connected to them as well.

Address: 279 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K1Z 6X2, Canada


#4. Prana Shanti Hot Yoga

PranaShanti Yoga Centre in Ottawa provides both beginning and ongoing yoga teaching, periodic drop-in sessions, conferences, events, and health and wellness goods and services. Individuals who regularly schedule relaxation sessions with qualified yogis and are looking for more details are among the visitors to our location. Our dedicated team is on hand at our assistance desk to help you with your experience. A variety of different study packages are accessible for incorporating into your busy schedule. The Pranashanti Yoga Center has three studio rooms for classes in yoga and meditation, and it also has restrooms and showers. Due to our facilities’ size, we can hold many lectures, events, and workshops simultaneously.

“The facility offers excellent yoga as well as therapeutic massages, an ultraviolet sauna, the practice of Reiki, and various other services. Excellent hot yoga studio as well. This studio has four distinctive yoga spaces, including one which is heated, in addition to offering hatha, strength, motion, yin, physical, and kundalini yoga. The owner, Devinder, performs the gong and offers outstanding Kundalini yoga courses. I absolutely like the courses Greg, Phil, Monika, Jill, Laurie, and Kat M. teach. Truly wonderful educators. In addition, the 22-person class I was in for the delightful and illuminating yoga instructor training I attended this winter was in a great setting. The only flaw, which almost every of the nearby yoga studios share, may be their high costs.”

Service options: Online classes · On-site services

Address: 950 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3E6, Canada

Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9 pm

Products and

Phone: +1 613-761-9642


#5. Puppy Yoga Ottawa

Although yoga is always a very calming practice, including puppies in the session makes it even more enjoyable! There is nothing like letting a litter of puppies run around while you stretch. Additionally, cuddling the pets is a wonderful stress reliever! A puppy yoga session in Ottawa is just a yoga practice with adorable props. Although they won’t do yoga with you, the pups will play with you as you stretch.

 “Wonderful visit. The yoga instructor was really amiable, and the puppies are gorgeous. I enjoyed the experience, and my wife grinned broadly when she left the seminar. Would strongly advise.”

Address: 444 Hazeldean Rd, Kanata, ON K2L 1V2, Canada

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +1 613-286-3779

Province: Ontario

#6. Alo yoga Canada

The most esteemed teachers of Alo yoga canada wear it because it is an assortment that actually enhances the way they practice. Distinguished celebrities and fashionable individuals use Alo Yoga because it is the ideal street brand—comfortable, present-day, and definitely not only on the mat. Alo was established in Los Angeles around 2007 with the intention of promoting yoga to humanity.

Outstanding craftsmanship at an expensive budget. I recently bought a few yoga trousers and a piece of clothing because I loved the checkered design! Because I am between sizes S and M, I bought an assortment of S-sized legs that fit me nicely.

Since I live in Singapore, the delivery happened promptly. Given that the aforementioned high-end brand is probably more expensive, I’ll likely complete an additional transaction if they launch a more unusual print or promotional session.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is yoga?

A popular form of Hindu discipline that involves controlling breath, doing simple meditation, and adopting certain physical positions for relaxation and wellness.

What is the etiquette for yoga?

Yoga etiquette includes respecting others’ personal space, arriving on time, turning your phone to silent, paying attention to the instructor, remaining silent throughout the class, maintaining good hygiene, taking off your shoes, being mindful of scents, using props carefully, remaining for Savasana, cleaning up after yourself, communicating any health concerns with the instructor, leaving the room quietly if necessary, and expressing gratitude. These principles support a peaceful and accepting yoga community.

Do I need a yoga mat for a yoga class?

Yoga is possible without a mat. You absolutely can. The sort of yoga that you practice as well as your requirements for padding, outer space, proper sanitation, and sustainability will all influence your decision. A mat is practically needed for performing yoga. Even besides buffering your bones to prevent interaction with an uneven floor, the floor’s surface is sufficiently adhesive to hold you immobilized in odd positions.

How much space do you need for a yoga class?

We’ll base our numbers on a typical yoga session, which might have 10 to 25 participants. Your studio ought to have enough space for this many yogis to walk around without feeling cramped. A 25 × 30 foot space can accommodate 30 clients at most.

How is yoga different from stretching, or other kinds of fitness?

Yoga goes beyond simple physical positions, unlike stretching or exercise. Yoga is distinct even within the realm of physical exercise because we link our breathing pattern to both our bodily and mental motion. Our focus can be turned inside out by establishing a connection between the mind, body, and breath.

Should I teach yoga for free?

Your individual objectives and circumstances will determine whether you should offer free yoga classes. Giving back to your community, gaining teaching experience, or promoting yoga as a form of service is all possible by offering free classes. If you must pay your bills or rely on your teaching career for a living, it might not be long-term viable. If you’re contemplating whether to teach for free or receive payment, take into account your goals, financial condition, and the value you offer as a teacher. Offering occasionally free classes in addition to paid ones as a way of balancing the two strategies is another possibility.

What happens in a yoga class?

A warm-up is frequently followed by conscious awareness of the breath in a yoga practice. Several postures, including standing, floor work, and chair work, are used to improve flexibility and muscular tone. There can also be a brief introduction to meditation or pranayama (advanced respiratory techniques). Each lesson is followed by a guided relaxation.

The 6 Best Body Piercing studios in Ottawa

The 6 Best Body Piercing studios in Ottawa

Body piercing represents a reflection of one’s personality, an expression of distinctive characteristics, and a mark of one’s personal fashion. The good news is that Ottawa is abuzz with experienced body piercers who can satisfy most of your piercing cravings. This is whenever you decide to participate in this skill! As well as whether you’re searching for additional opportunities in the metropolitan area to present yourself as a person.

Ottawa’s leading piercing venues are able to provide people with whatever style of piercing anyone wants. No matter what type of piercing used, whether it’s an ordinary earlobe piercing or an advanced facial piercing design or even flesh body piercing, the results will be similar.

Piercings should not be carried out based on a hunch. Ottawa is home to some fuss-free piercing places.

Best Piercing shops in Ottawa


The high-end studio Vanity focuses on luxurious jewelry and is an expert in piercings, microblading, lashes, nails, and other aesthetic services. The company takes immense satisfaction in the caliber of our goods and services. Our expert professionals are going to make the visit one to remember, and our employees thrive on offering excellent customer service. Make an appointment today to treat yourself!

Vanity was established in 2018 to alter the way of piercing. They strongly believe that aesthetic procedures should go close together with body piercings to improve attractiveness. This is the rationale behind why we established this lovely location that In search of Ottawa’s top body piercing facilities? Almost every service can be found in Ottawa, especially services that merely require us to prick through a needle to add just a little and a lot of jewelry to our bodies. Offers top-notch customer support, fine jewelry, and high-end services.



Address: 261 St. Patrick St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5K4, Canada

Customer Review

The initial intention was to get my belly pierced, but sadly I lacked the proper anatomical structure for a speedy recovery. Tine’s clarification was well-informed and concise. I’m very happy that she had some discussion. I feel certain that she fully disclosed any dangers and truly has your best interests at its core. Instead, I decided to opt for a double nose piercing, and she was so gracious as to make time in her timeline for me. She was quite amiable and courteous, and her demeanor was impeccable. I’ll return without a doubt, and Vanity is the best for piercings and guidance.

The Ink Spot Tattoo Studio

Professional tattooing is the service that Ink Spot, a company founded in 2000, is delighted to offer its clients. Tattoos can be done in any way you like, including cover-up and modification. Furthermore, they provide piercings and laser lighting. The Ink Spot even offers customized design services. Branding, scarification, and common piercings are examples of other body alterations. Likewise services provide genital piercings or beadings as well as dermal piercing e.g. ear piercing, nose piercing. The Ottawa Board of Health undertakes periodic checks of the Ink Spot. Ensure that the sterilizers are working properly and sterilizing twice a month by performing spore tests.

Customer’s Review

“John completed a cover-up tattoo for me earlier. It is now recovering well and he performed a fantastic job. Before making this reservation, I combed through a plethora of profiles in the Ottawa region and chose Matt. He is highly skilled and I want to commission him for more work in the years to come.

Free World Tattoo

It is located in the heart of Canada, Ottawa. Free World Tattoo shop is offering different types of piercing services to their customers. It is also a nearby place where people can explore without any hassle. Some of you must visit Free World Tattoo if you’re the sort of individual who enjoys septum piercing. You can feel secure knowing that you will be in good hands because they are renowned for their exceptional client service and have an employee pool that is both informed and friendly.

Fabulous By Juliette


Have you understood that your physical appearance may impact how you feel? You should always keep an eye on your appearance whenever you wish to keep yourself in a state of happiness, and the simplest way to accomplish this is to seek the services of professionals at beauty salons. You can get pierced, for example, at Fabulous by Juliette. Taking care of yourself regularly will help you recognize yourself more. Getting beauty services at a beauty spa centers will offer you relaxation and not concentrate on anything. Ear piercing, septum piercing, nose piercing, tongue piercing, VCH piercing, double dyed piercing, lip piercing, cartilage tattoos, and eyebrow piercings are some examples of body piercings. All these services are available at Fabulous By Juliette, one of the best piercing shop in Ottawa.

Universal Tattoo & Body Piercing

The venerable Universal Tattoo & Body Piercing in Ottawa delivers an extensive tattoo and body piercing experience. They concentrate on both beauty and safeguarding, accommodating each person who comes in along with their schedules, so that you may have the body piercing of your desires. The staff at this facility is skilled at a wide range of designs, from standard lobe piercings to more elaborate facial and body piercings. Universal Tattoo & Body Piercing Ottawa, which is among the most well-known piercing facilities in Ottawa, is more than merely an environment in which individuals express themselves.

Silverline Tattoo and Body piercing Studio Ottawa

One of Ottawa’s top tattoo and body-piercing studios for more than 20 years. We constantly comply with health board inspection requirements and strictly adhere to the most strict regulatory requirements for sanitation and sterility. Their exceptional service to clients, flawless hygiene, and incredible tattoos and piercings, in our view, constitute the key elements that have contributed to our success. We appreciate Ottawa’s dedication to being unique and expressive once we bring to an end an exploration of the city’s top body-piercing facilities. The best places to get pierced in Ottawa deliver more than just aesthetic excellence; additionally, they concentrate on your safety and health, as well as ensuring that your piercing technique is as comfortable as it is fashionable.

Frequently asked Questions

How much does a septum piercing cost in Ottawa?

Piercing prices vary depending on the area. But for septum it costs around 35 dollars.

What is the most unique piercing?

There are so many rare piercings such as dimple piercing, nipple piercing, tongue web, smiley, frowny, Nasallang, vertical nose tip, Septril and many more.

Which piercing is the Ideal?

Conch, tragus, Daith, helix, and crow piercings are among the adorable body piercings.

What is the most safest piercing?

Earlobes are among the most prudent and most popular body regions to be pierced, together with the nasal and navel buttons. If the site is frequently sanitized and the piercing is carried out at the correct angle, the skin of the earlobe recovers properly.

Is body piercing safe?

If it is done in a correct way, then it is safe. First you should find a skilled and competent piercer to get it done. Ensure that the instruments you use are clean and sterilized. Never rush when getting any piercing done.

How long does a body piercing heal?

It requires a minimum of eight to twelve weeks to recuperate. When the ornaments may be taken out for any amount of duration without the danger of the hole closing, most tattoos on the body need to heal for a minimum of a 6 month period to a yearlong.

How should I care for my first time body piercing?

Even at night, keep the ornaments in the newly acquired piercing for at least a six-week period. If you take off your beginning accessories too soon, the piercings will block.

Maintain it tidy

Hands ought to be regularly washed before touching freshly pierced areas. This lessens disease risk. You need to thoroughly rinse away the soap. Avoid getting water in sensitive areas, such as your ears. Stay away from soap with antibacterial agents or hydrogen peroxide to scrub the tattoo since they can harm the skin that is healing.

Spread a little layer of Vaseline in a squeeze container around every orifice. Utilize a tight squeeze nozzle whenever possible to avoid contaminating your tattoos with any bacteria that might be in a wide-mouthed box.

What are the risks associated with body piercing?

While getting your piercing you can easily acquire so many infections such as different types of bacteria, fungal infections, HIV, Hepatitis etc. Keloid formation can also occur during healing time periods, allergic contact dermatitis may occur, excessive bleeding, nerve damage.

Which Baby Carrier Is Best for You in Canada?

Which Baby Carrier Is Best for You in Canada

Whenever you want to be hands-free, baby carriers are a game-changer, but choosing the finest infantino baby carrier to buy can be challenging, especially when you’re still expecting your kid and haven’t tried one on before. There are a number of options available, ranging from simple cloth wraps to structural carriers and frame carriers in the form of backpacks for trekking. Make sure the one you get is simple to place it in. It should also be comfy enough to wear for at least 30 minutes, and finally sturdy enough so you can use it frequently.

The Tula baby carrier brand still enjoys high regard in the infantino carrier market. They are so passionate about carrying your child that they have created renowned carriers that put comfort first. Multiple patterns are available in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and fabrics to suit various families and preferences. Various Tula baby carriers newborn are available. E.g. Tula standard carrier, Tula free to grow, Tula explore happy baby carrier, Tula Preschool and Tula Lite.

Parents Evaluation of Tula baby carrier

Mothers of various races highlight their interactions with different types of Tula baby carriers. Like Tula standard carrier, Tula free to grow, Tula explores baby carrier, Tula Preschool and Tula Lite. The best toddler carrier for plane travel is the Tula Basic Carrier, which is our suggested alternative. It could potentially be adjusted completely to fit different wearers as well as your baby’s changing needs. The facing forward posture is ideal for both you and your baby whenever they begin showing fascination with their surroundings.

Tula Preschool Carrier review

It is regarded as one of the brands that parents love the most and can develop alongside your child from birth to age three. Anyone could tell their Tula preschool carrier was beautifully made by looking at the packaging. The material used is of good quality, soft, and is padded in all the correct areas. Tula Preschool Carrier product is beautifully built. Tula basic carriers come in a variety of lovely designs, distinctive prints, and some are plain and come in a variety of colors and patterns. This Tula baby carrier promotes child-holding sizes and designs. They also asserted that various carriers’ components might be changed.

How easy is it to put your baby in the Tula standard baby carrier?

There are quite a few configurations to get the Tula Baby Carrier set up before using it with a kid for the first time. However, after you’ve done that, you won’t have any concerns until your child is an adult. The baby seat of the carrier must first be adjusted to your baby’s height, which is both easy and quick to do. The broad, cushioned straps and belly belt of the Tula baby carrier cozy up a baby, and offer the wearer plenty of support. The clips might take some practice to get the hang of; however, when you do, it’s easy to keep using them. Due to the heavy clips, that carrier is the largest on our list, although it is typically heavier.

Tula Free to Grow was exceptionally simple to use. Beginners could easily determine the best way to begin setting it up even without a handbook. The instruction booklet’s multiple steps and in-depth visual explanations were useful when reading it.

Learn how to use Best Tula baby Carrier

For babies weighing between fifteen and forty-five pounds in the normal size and between fifteen and sixty pounds in the toddler size, the Tula Baby Carrier in canada is available. For infants and newborns weighing less than 15 pounds, or until the child is sufficiently tall to be positioned in a fully seated posture with knees at a straight angle, Standard Carriers are required to be employed in combination with the Tula Infant Insert. By locking the strap, your waist belt is secured. Carrying your kid will allow them to wrap around your waist with their legs. Place the other arm inside the strap while using a single arm to support the child. Tighten the adjustable straps to secure the fit to make sure your child feels comfortable in the toddler lite carrier.

The tula free growing baby carrier is ergonomic to use

The Tula preschool carrier has two possible positions: the backside carrier and the parental face-side carrier, both standard, cozy postures. The baby is content to sit in the carrier since it promotes healthy hip and back development. The Balance, a recent addition to the brand’s carrier line, is made of sophisticated lattice material. It is less heavy, breathes better, and is more flexible than previous baby carriers. Another Harmony feature that can help parents transfer youngsters as much as forty pounds in weight is increased lumbar support.

Cleaning process for the Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier

Tula baby fabric is extremely soft, completely washable in the washing machine and UV resistant. The Tula free-to-grow infant carrier may be machine laundered at 30 degrees and spot cleaned as necessary. After using the best tula baby carrier for a considerable distance and running on it every time, it was washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The colors haven’t changed at all from their pre-washing state. In actuality, the drying process took longer than I had anticipated, and I believe the padding was to blame.

Extra safety features on the Tula preschool baby carrier

Although the Tula preschool baby carrier has an elastic strap on the waistband on which the clasp runs, it looks and feels tighter around the waist. Since it is also adjustable at the waist and shoulders, the ergo is able to be utilized while your baby is looking in, facing out (at least they have outstanding head control), or even on their back (even though they can sit up independently, usually approximately on their first birthday).

Ideal candidate for the Tula lite baby carrier

Parents and other carriers of newborns can use the Tula Lite baby carrier because of its support and framework. It allows pregnant mothers to breastfeed while being worn and keeps the infant close by. The help that this Tula light carrier delivers, in addition to the comfort it offers their young babies and kids, will be valued by long-distance runners who provide care. Likewise, it stands distinguished by its six adjustable options, including baby, toddler, front, back, and hip carrying.

Worth buying the Tula Free-to-Grow baby carrier?

It may cost more than equivalent carriers on the marketplace, but in my estimation, the durability, flexibility to hold no more than forty five lbs, quality, and convenience of use for several children more than make up for the price.

It also has wonderful designs, an air of elegance, and most importantly, it is very stylish. Whenever analyzing a Tula baby carrier, the cost bracket is a crucial consideration to consider. If you don’t have a lot of financial capacity, there are many options offering numerous rates, so don’t get frustrated. You have no need to spend more than you are willing to spend. However, you should remember the carrier’s performance and the duration of your use. Couples may use a flexible carrier, such as our Explore Tula Baby Carrier or our Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier, from birth until toddlerhood, for example.

Customer Opinion About the Tula Baby Carrier

The Tula baby carrier Free-to-Grow is a terrific option if you’re searching for a comfortable baby carrier that your baby can use from birth. Your experience will be more pleasant because of the widened waistline and shoulder straps with padding that equally distributes your infant’s weight. 

When you go for walks across your area, carry your young ones to work, or even take an emergency adventure to the marketplace, this provides your newborn with a safe haven. It is sufficiently strong to withstand repeated use and washing. The Free-to-Grow is a good alternative especially if you prefer not having a front- or world-facing carrying option.

It’s possible to nurse a baby in that contraption like it’s nobody’s business because, in reality, it is. The material is extremely light and cozy. I could wear this product all day since it is really versatile and doesn’t produce a lot of disturbances. It is quite beautiful. Look into purchasing a Tula when you’re on the search for a new baby carrier. There are many carriers offered, but Tula has an exclusive following since it’s a genuinely amazing carrier.

There are also different carrying positions for the Tula baby carrier. M-position cushion that is appropriate for the kid’s body’s growth. Baby carriers are made of the finest materials. Regarding each individual’s comfort, add cushions as appropriate. Suitable for kids and caregivers alike.

Final verdict: Would you recommend the Best Baby Carrier?

The Adventure Baby Carrier from Tula is ideal for couples who prefer an active lifestyle. If you’re searching for an ongoing solution for both you and your kid that is newborn-ready, our Free-to-Grow Kid Carrier is a fantastic fit. The Tula Toddler Carrier is wonderful at any stage of life. It is designed for kids between eleven kilograms and twenty-seven kilograms and has a tall, high panel that can hold your kid even when they are no longer infants. The preschool tula toddler carrier can be carried in an elegant back or front carry position. It can carry the child’s weight to a maximum of thirty one kilo Grammes.

Tula Lite carry bag. It allows you to quickly meet your child’s desire to move or be carried by being extremely portable. It also folds up quickly in its own hip pouch.

Tula baby carriers e.g. tula standard carrier, tula free to grow, tula preschool, tula lite etc. Are popular in every aspect of baby carrying for a reason: they are exceptional. The way you live with your newborn will evolve owing to the Tula carrier. This will allow you to make it simple to do activities throughout the day and spend precious moments with your child while doing so. There really is nothing better than spending every moment with your baby close by. Baby adores it, and mama can take advantage of the closeness while doing whatever has to be done around the house, outside for exercise, or while grocery shopping. And the best part? It’s relaxing. It was so cozy that you could accommodate a forty five lbs child without having any trouble.

Top 6 Dog Daycare Centres in Calgary [2023]

Best Dog Daycare in Calgary

You don’t need to worry about your lovable pets when you are not with them or by any reason you didn’t give time to them or you have to go anywhere without your pet, we are here to tell you about the top six best doggy daycare Calgary. To provide you with trusted paws dog daycare centres in Calgary, Ottawa Times aim to meet your needs. Our team does very well research in this field, like which dog daycare center is better for clients.

We understand that every person wants a safe and friendly environment for their dog. After visiting our website we hope that you will get the best facility you need. We know that your pets are like your loveable family members.

The dog boarding service in Calgary that we are going to tell you are exceptional. Their staff is very cooperative, and they give attention and the fine care with love that they want. Many of the people have questions in their mind like “which is best dog daycare near me” or “which is the best dog sitter near me”. So we also gave the address and contact details of every center below.

Here are the 6 Best dog daycare Centres In Calgary

1. Clever Canines

At present time there is no issue with those persons who are too busy in their daily routines or in their work. Clever Canines best efforts are being made to serve them. Their staff is such dedicated to their work that they take care of your pets with devotion and love. If you are looking for doggy daycare calgary then they will serve their best to your dog. To keep themselves entertained pets find so many ways either it is good or bad, their staff is such cooperated that your pet entertained in well-mannered way. They will give you the best services for your dog. In Calgary, they provide exceptional dog boarding services. So don’t worry and just contact them.

In business for 18 yearsOccasionally do some upselling
Cage-free 10,000 sqf facility purposely designed for DaycareBy appointment only, no walk-ins
Has a 7,600 sqf turfed outdoor yard
Very high staff-to-dog ratio
Has a wide selection of supplies
Reasonably priced
Basic obedience & trick training with all of the dogs each day
All play is supervised
Address320 55 Ave SW Calgary AB T2H2Z6
Contact Details403. 226. BARK (2275) 22
Operating HoursMon-Fri 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM
PricesPricing – Drop in $47.50 per day
2 X Per week pass – 45.13 per day3 X Per week pass – $42.75 per day
Unlimited monthly package $36.70 per day

2. Paws Dog Daycare

Paws dog daycare shot straight into our rundown with their very well kept office and expert staff. A friendly and cooperative staff creates a comfortable environment where your dog can easily adjust. First, they keep an eye on security and also take care of any essentials for your dog. Look into their services if you’re looking for the best dog sitter near me. You certainly got the best dog daycare barrie. As with anything in the world, they ensure your dog is in safe hands. Their staff is the most skilled at their work. Their centers are also very well equipped and furnished. You can try them free of cost for one day as an intro. Their rates are also very reasonable. Their contact details and other details are mentioned below.

Over a decade of experienceOccasionally do some upselling
BBB-accredited dog daycare and training facilityBy appointment only, no walk-ins
Cage-free daycare
With grooming spa
Good staff-to-dog ratio
Has a wide selection of pet foods and supplies
Reasonably priced
Address1313 16 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0Z7, Canada
Contact Details403.984.9247
Operating HoursMon-Fri 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Price: Single day$56
5 visits$269
10 visits$509
20 visits$879
One-month visits$719

3. Barking Good Pet Services

Your pet can come to dog daycare Calgary whenever you feel or want to do so. Their services are very beneficial for you. Their service is sophisticated. Their staff are well-mannered and fully trained. They have gotten proficient preparation, so these individuals are without a doubt ideal to care for your dog. They ensure you care for your dog in a friendly environment. Also, this dog boarding calgary have an acceptance rate of dogs per day that is exceptional. Their sheer size is very stunning. Canines have the choice of playing inside their 1,200 square feet yards. You can easily reach them out and get more details if you want. Your dog can enjoy all the facilities there like in your home. You can reach the doggy daycare near me Calgary by phone or email anytime you want by using the given contact information or by mailing.

Trained and passionate staffCan be difficult to secure a spot
1,200 square feet facilityDogs not grouped, even if they are supervised
Has a 3-acre yard
Focused pack mentality
Strict cleaning procedures
Effective dog-to-staff ratio
 Park-themed daycare
Address124129 Old Banff Coach Rd, Calgary, AB T3Z 3N4, Canada
Contact Details(403)-835-2440
Operating HoursMon-Fri 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM
Saturday – Sunday9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
One day pass for 1 dog
One day pass for 2 dogs$49
One day pass for 3 dogs$71

4. Back in the Pack Dog Daycare

Their staff and environment for dogs is so astonishing. When your dog interacts with other dogs in the area, it will help her/him to build self-confidence and your dog will also be able to learn social skills. Whenever you felt difficulty to choose which is best dog sitter near me so can visit their center and get details about dog boarding Calgary.

Another plus point is that their play area in large enough for your dog. Your doge has all the necessary facilities, such as a proper Medicare center and clean beds for napping. You don’t need to worry about “who is the best dog sitter near me” because we also gave their address. Some of their facilities are not included in their regular package, you must pay some extra charges for them. Since this doggy daycare calgory have been working in these services since 2004, they have too much experience with this work. You can check them out by following the details given down here.
Address3131 68 St NW #2, Calgary, AB T3B 2J4, Canada
Contact Details(403) 453-0913
Working HoursMonday – Friday: 6:45 AM – 6:00 PM
Price: Introductory day$40
Single day$40
5-Day pass$180
10-Day pass$360
20-Day pass$660
19 years of experience in the industryMinor issues with the staff’s attitude
Safe and exciting environment for dogsIntroductory day is not free
Has a large free-play areaDogs are not grouped, even if they are supervised
Napping beds available
Implemented a one-to-one attention system
Extra pet-related services are available

5. Dogtopia of Douglas Glen

As well as Dogtopia of Douglas Glen, this facility offers dog boarding in Calgary, training, grooming, and spa & nail clipper services. Their medical services are exceptional, and their high security ensures the full safety of your dog. They do their best to take care of your dogs. Moreover, they also provide paly rooms for your puppies. Their customer care and facilitation is also exceptional. If you are looking for the best dog daycare barrie for your pet, then we recommend you visit this dog boarding Calgary. They have many well-trained staff to take care of dogs and they also provide a friendly environment for your puppies. They are an award-winning and certified dog daycare too, having earned certification status as a Heroes for Healthy PetsTM facility. You can reach them out by following details given below.
Address10820 27 St SE #2, Calgary, AB T2Z 3R6, Canada
Contact Details+1 403-475-7970
Operating HoursMonday – Friday 6:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
PriceFull day pass: $48
Half day pass$30
5-Day pass$230
10-Day pass$450
Safe and dog-friendly facilityCan be difficult to reach
Dogs are assigned to a playroom based on their size, temperament, and play styleHas limited administrative staff
Excellent customer service
Certified as a Heroes for Healthy Pets facility

6. Marda Loop Doggie Daycare & Spa

If you live in Calgary Canada, Marda Loop Doggie Daycare is an excellent option. Because first, they provide outclass services and rates of this dog boarding calgary are very affordable, and they also give discount offers. Your dog truly enjoys their sophisticated environment, so you don’t need to worry about your dog. Staff of this dog daycare calgory will behave in a very well-mannered way with your dogs. Your dog will never forget their kindness and company. They also do not charge extra fees for house food. However, this pet daycare Calgary charges extra for certain services, so we recommend checking with them first. No need to worry about whether this is the best dog sitter near me or not. Visit their website or go to their office and check out their services. Their contact details are mentioned below.

Address2016 34 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 2C3, Canada
Contact Details+1 403-475-3644
Working HoursMonday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
PriceHalf a day: $32
Full day: $42
5-Day package$200
10-Day package$380
15-Day package$540
Unlimited package$680
10 half-day package$300
Offers bundle package with discountsRefunds are not available for bundle discounts
Spacious facilityDoes not serve house food
Live doggie webcam available on their websiteMinor complaints of extra charge for some services
No additional fee for feeding and medicationDogs not grouped, even if supervised
Various play spacious across the facility
Relatively affordable rates

Frequently asked Questions about
Dog daycare Calgary, CA

What are the pros and cons of doggy daycare?

Dog daycare prosCons of dog daycare
Socialization opens doors for your canine.Costs can add up.
Administered play and exercise.Some dogs may not adjust well to the climate.
Alleviation of depression and fatigue.Chance of illness transmission in social scenes.
Proficient in consideration and checking.Dogs might return home tired or overwhelmed.

How much do you charge for dog sitting?

Dog sitting charges totally depend upon the services you want like daily walks for your dog etc. It also depends on the duration of doggy daycare and many more situations. Every dog boarding calgary has their own rates depending upon their facilities. An easy way to resolve this as you see we mention contact details of every doggy daycare in Calgary so you can visit the office or contact them online, then you get to know about actual charges for services.

Does Calgary have doggy daycare?

Yes, like many cities, Calgary has many dog daycare facilitation centers. You can check them online, for example if you want to know that you have to just search the “best dog sitter near me” etc. Also, you can ask some of your friends or any other person who has a dog and uses a dog daycare Barrie.

What age is best for dog daycare?

It is mainly dependent on your dog’s socialization skills or energy etc. As early as 4-6 months old, after all vaccinations have been completed, dogs can be sent to dog daycare. You can also visit any doggy daycare calgary near you, so they also guide you. For better details we prefer you to ask a veterinarian.

Why is my dog pooping so much after boarding?

It’s normal for dogs to encounter changes in their behavior after boarding. This can be because of elements like pressure, an adjustment of diet, or some change in the schedule of feeding. If your dog pops too much for long periods, we advise you to consult a veterinarian.

SIX Top Restaurants In Ottawa: Best Of Ottawa 2023

Best Today Six Restaurants In Ottawa

Canada’s capital is renown for its reputation as an ethnically diverse hub. It has a wide range of world-renowned eateries poised for ravenous diners to enter its doors. There is something enticing at the dinner table in Ottawa. You’re in a groove to indulge in conventional and regional or avant-garde and alluring. But choosing the perfect eatery can be challenging and tedious. There are so many competing cafes fighting for your taste buds’ attention.

Here are the Best Restaurants in Ottawa

Italian Restaurant Ottawa

If you’re on the hunt for an Italian restaurants in Ottawa that accepts online reservations. Giovanni’s restaurant is a fantastic choice and famous for its superior cuisine.

The Eggplant Rollanttini and the Zucchini Fritti are two of its best dishes. Wellness-conscious people have tested these cuisines. They include chicken and beef meals if you’re looking for something meatier. For those with sensitivities or other food restrictions. The local public eatery also offers gluten-free alternatives.

Our chopped oysters are served with a sauce made with Parmigiano mushrooms. That we particularly enjoyed. Giovanni’s restaurant ottawa is an excellent option if you’re searching for a fantastic Italian restaurant in Ottawa supper!

For individuals who prefer to have their lunch at home with their family. Take-home choices are available. People can have pizzeria in the form of a giant crust or single servings. There are people whose work prevents them from shelling out a finger and an ankle for pasta or pizza. Cost can be negative too. This is due to the exceptional caliber of components. Which makes it difficult to locate comparable cuisine at lower prices.

Best Halal restaurants Ottawa

This contemporary dining eatery is renowned for its unique selection of amazing and creative Canadian cuisine created via ancient and conventional French cooking methods. The production of an entirely novel menu each time is a testament to pastry chef Arup Jana’s remarkable love for using current, indigenous produce. Jana began his culinary career at the notorious Flames. On every Monday evening, the eatery discontinues its regular buffet in favor of special appetizer cuisine. Best Halal restaurants in Ottawa menu items, however, are more like tiny servings of world-famous dishes, such as goose wings with crackling mashed potatoes, prosciutto and artichoke pie with legume shoots, and golden crabs with a jalapeño mustard, as opposed to the conventional Spanish-style tapas. A sleek modern space with dimly lit chic grey-washed ceilings, gloomy mahogany furnishings.

Menu: chicken shawarma, BBQ, Lebanese dishes etc.

Vegan restaurant Ottawa

Kitchen Occo

The setting is Occo Kitchen, which places high value on regional speciality foods. Employs these high-quality, whole-food components to prepare every detail on its food menu. Start to finish, including condiments and baguettes. Originally, it was a premium hamburger restaurant. This eatery has advanced and now approaches popular ordinary street foods with a culinary artistic twist. As a consequence, the dish list is filled with incredible items. Like grilled eggplant tacos, craft beer battered Atlantic cod. Caramelized pancetta burgers with cheese are one of the world’s most well-known street food meals. The décor is composed of basic white walls and blonde wood-like paneling. Other minimalist elements that are more elegant and understated than vibrant, eclectic food.

Byward Market Restaurants

Earl of Sussex Pub

Earl of Sussex Pub is the second most ancient restaurant in Ottawa. It is a laid-back bar alongside raw masonry ceilings. A backyard in which you may gather with your buddies for a hearty dinner and delicious cocktails.

You may browse a variety of alcoholic beverages and whiskey there. That it’s a perfect location for a nap while wandering the Byward Market neighborhood. Look out for the upcoming list of festivities for this drinking establishment. Find out the best time to stop by for performing arts and more. It’s the carte de jour which includes corn dogs, crispy fried fish, beef and chicken tacos.

Joy On SusSex

In an adorned history construction. Joy on Sussex is a stylish café offering sophisticated Russian snacks, coffee, and drinks. The drink is poured in the evening, even though it does so later than expected. People frequent this location throughout the day. Because of the opulent yet snug ambiance.

Resting there tends to perceive like a well-deserved treat shortly. After exhausting hours of traipsing through Byward Market’s alleys. In search of whatever it is while you slurp the coffee and unwind. It provides a variety of Russian dishes. Includes dumplings with steamed chicken or varenky, Alfredo sauce, and lamb broth.

Fraser Cafe Ottawa

Visit Fraser Café in Ottawa, a local hangout with eye-catching décor and relaxed ambiance ideal for relaxing with friends. Elegant furnishings, bright stuff, and pictures covering the concrete pillars make up the interior design. Foods that are conventional are upgraded. Examples include grilled goose breast, sautéed lobster, and broiled fish. Always make arrangements before arriving. Because this popular spot tends to be busy. Reserve a cozy space at Bar Forty. The Fraser Bistro is right next to the entrance.

Gezellig Ottawa

In this distinctive area of Gezellig, you can find soaring vaulted turquoise buildings and colorful paintings. It creates a very cozy and laid-back ambiance. Keeping its sunny, open place in the restaurant’s menu. You’ll find a variety of meals with influences from throughout the world. Such as hog gnocchi, Québec chicken with beet purée, and a rillette of fermented scallops with peppercorn toast. Gezellig Ottawa is an ideal place to grab a bite in all aspects, from the food to the atmosphere.

9 Best Hair Salon Services In Ottawa

Best Hair Salon In Ottawa

Your hair cut is essential to creating the ideal appearance and leaving a memorable impression. With its dynamic culture and global appeal, Ottawa is home to numerous exceptional hair salons Ottawa that can accommodate a wide range of tastes and preferences. These Men & Women hair salons in Ottawa are the best in the business and can provide you with flawless results whether you want a dramatic change or are just looking to update your present appearance.

Ottawa’s 5 Best Men’s Hair Cut Salons

Kings Own Barbershop

For males alone, Kings Own Barbershop provides a distinctive fusion of traditional and modern grooming services. They offer customized consultations with a staff of talented barbers to assist customers achieve their ideal look, whether it’s a sharp business cut or a fashionable and edgy style.

Customer Reviews

Chris was incredibly affable and had amazing knowledge. His fade abilities are just incredible, and the reality that he creates his own goods is wicked! Not just are they of high quality, but they also have a wonderful scent! It was my first time using a blade to fade, so it was a new experience for me. I wholeheartedly endorse King’s Own Barbershop.”

House of Barons

A premier men’s grooming location, House of Barons is renowned for its opulent and modern ambiance. As well as traditional and contemporary haircuts, their talented barbers specialize in beard trims, shaving, and a variety of other styling treatments. House of Barons clients receive stylish and flawless appearances because of their emphasis on accuracy and meticulousness.

“This barbershop has become my favorite. Remi gave me a fantastic cut and was very detail-oriented. In addition to the haircut, this place had a wonderful ambiance that helped me feel at home. When I showed up, the other employees welcomed me and gave me water. I’ll surely return!”

Johnny Razor Barbershop Ottawa

Johnny Razor Barbershop Ottawa is a family-run business that specializes in male grooming and offers a variety of services, such as hot towel shaves, facials, and haircuts. Every customer exiting their hair salon feels confident plus well-groomed because their skilled barbers know both modern trends and time-tested methods. The best barbershop experience I’ve had was at Johnny Razor’s. The entire team is incredibly skilled and polite. The finest barber ever is Jesse. Excellent focus on everything. Anyone looking for their “go-to” cheap hair salon near me should consider this shop.

Customer Reviews for Johnny Razor hair Salon

“My barber is Jesse, who is incredibly skilled, tidy, quick, and competent. The store itself has a cozy atmosphere. Strongly suggest Jesse and every member of the staff, who are all skilled and welcoming”

Crows nest barbershop

When you walk into Crows Nest Barbershop in Ottawa, you immediately sense a fusion of classic allure and sophisticated elegance. You are taken back in time to a time when grooming was considered a profession of art thanks to the devotion given to detail in both the decor and the service.

The best care and trim is provided by Jeff and his team at Crows Nest! The sight of everyone smiling makes it a delight to fade. Always outstanding customer service, and I wholeheartedly endorse this company for those seeking a fantastic barbershop visit!

Customer reviews

A nice time was had while getting a fantastic haircut (skin fade). While numerous individuals can give excellent haircuts, few can also make their clients feel comfortable and have an incredible time while sharing amusing anecdotes. I felt as though I had known my barber Jeff for fifteen years during the first five minutes of visiting him. The staff at the Crows Nest Barbershop is amazing, and I highly suggest it”

Khalil Barbershop

Excellent men’s hairstylists include Khalil Barbershop. Skilled hair salon services in Ottawa will take care of every one of your requirements. There is no question that Sam and his staff at Khalil Barbershop are the best hair salon in Ottawa town. They are deserving of the reputation as the greatest in the area!

If you intend to have a haircut at this barbershop, worry not because the job will be handled by qualified hands. The internal environment is tastefully decorated, spotless, and well-organized. You’ll discover a fantastically entertaining expert team indoors.

Customer reviews

“My favorite spot in Ottawa for haircuts is Khalil’s. Today Vincenzo trimmed my beard and provided me with a skin fade! This is the place to go if you care about the quality of your hair and service. You’ll receive the cut you desired once the welcoming staff offers you an espresso

The aforementioned five Ottawa Men hair salons have continually proven their prowess, devotion, and originality in hairstyling. You can trust these salons to give you a pleasant and memorable experience, regardless of the appearance or styling you choose.

These five men’s hair salons services in Ottawa have won accolades for their professionalism, meticulousness, and dedication to offering excellent grooming services designed especially for men. Whether you’re seeking a traditional haircut, a modern style, or a clean shave, you can expect these establishments to fulfill your grooming requirements with accuracy and fashion.

Best 4 Female hair Salon’s Near Ottawa

Maneland hair Salon

Maneland Hair Salon is the place for you if you’re an innovator who likes daring and bold hairstyles in Ottawa. This innovative salon blends artistic vision with technical know-how to produce cutting-edge looks that are memorable. Maneland Hair Salon challenges the boundaries of traditional beauty with its bold colors and edgy hairstyles. They are well known for its commitment to providing unique and cutting-edge hair services. There are many options offered, ranging from fine cuts and creative coloring to extravagant treatments that leave clients feeling rejuvenated and confident.

Customer Review

“John was a terrific experience for me. John took the time to completely comprehend my needs before expertly fulfilling them. My first haircut and highlight session was successful thanks to his professionalism and helpfulness. I had fantastic interactions with the manager and every and I adore my hair. I’ll surely return.”

Hair Junkie Ottawa

Hair Junkie Ottawa is a modern, stylish salon that provides a wide range of services specifically designed to meet women’s hair maintenance and style demands. Whether you’re looking to make a modest change or a strong statement, their talented stylists are committed to producing one-of-a-kind and trendy styles.

Customer Reviews

“Today, Kyle chopped my hair. The absolute best salon session I’ve ever had! I am ecstatic about the fantastic job he performed on my haircut. The best part of my entire day was also the discussion about our kittens! If any of my pals were seeking for a hairstylist, I would heartily recommend Kyle. The receptionist was wonderful as well as friendly! I’m glad I found this location”

BossArts Salon and Spa

BossArts Salon and Spa prides itself on its innovative and contemporary methods of hairstyling. Their skilled designers effectively craft distinctive cuts, vibrant colors, and fashion-forward hairstyles that represent each client’s personality and style. The talented hairdressers at this salon take the time to learn about every customer’s tastes, which results in gorgeous haircuts, colors, and styles that express uniqueness and accentuate their true beauty.

Customer review

“I adore my Rajaa-created color! It can occasionally be hit or miss when whitening my dark brown or black hair. I decided to try a different hairdresser because I wasn’t happy with the prior one who lightened my hair. Rajaa has extensive experience styling dark hair, and it’s obvious. There were no pronounced lines, and my hair wasn’t brassy or too bleached. I highly suggest her because she spends a lot of effort and consideration into her work”

Saab Salon Spa

The Saab Salon Spa, known for its premium setting and excellent services, provides a wide variety of pampering and enhancing therapies. Their staff of experts concentrates on providing tailored attention to guarantee that each client departs feeling happy, whether they need a precise haircut or exquisite coloring.

Customer Review

“Although I spent years growing my hair out and was hesitant to cut it short to remove split ends and add volume, Frank gave me gorgeous highlights, and I’m happy that I followed his advice.

My new hair is fantastic.

It is quite expensive, but well worth it!

Gratitude to SAAB”

All of the aforementioned Ottawa hair salons for women have a solid distinction for offering outstanding services, individualized care, and remarkable outcomes. These salons are certain to surpass what you were expecting and leave you feeling happy and gorgeous, whether you’re searching for a traditional, refined look or a bold, modern look. Your hair serves as a blank canvas on which to paint your unique personality and sense of style. The best women’s beauty salons in Ottawa are aware of this feeling and go far beyond to design designs that fit your style. These top cheap hair salons near me in Ottawa have repeatedly shown that they can transform your hair goals into gorgeous realities, whether you’re looking for a refined and vintage look or a modern and daring alteration. Make a reservation at one of these salons to start a voyage of luxury and expressing oneself unlike any other.

Frequently asked Question

How much should I pay to cut my hair in Ottawa?

The price of a haircut may differ significantly based on a number of variables, which include the salon’s place, the stylist’s background, its nature, and the particular services it provides.

What to do if you can’t afford a haircut?

Here nevertheless are a number of solutions available to you if you are unable to pay for a haircut that will meet your requirements for haircuts and grooming without breaking the bank. Here are some substitutes to take into account:

  • Diy
  • Ask your relatives or close friends.
  • Trim just what is necessary.

How much tip should I pay my hairdresser?

Tipping a hairstylist is customary and an opportunity to express gratitude for their assistance and talent. The appropriate tipping size will depend on a number of elements, including the caliber of the service, your rapport with the stylist, the cost of the salon, and your own financial situation. 15% to 20% of the entire charge is often the industry standard for hair service tips.

How can I properly convey to my hairdresser the haircut I want?

Use simple language and pictures. Specify the measurements, texture, and general appearance you want.

How can I pick a Best hair salon that’s right for me?

Think about your preferred hairstyles, spending limit, and location.

Check out the salon’s portfolios, read feedback, and get referrals.

Make an appointment for a consultation to go over your demands and evaluate the salon’s environment.