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Dog Cafes in Toronto – 7 Best Dog Cafe in the Canada CA

Dog Cafes Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful city popular for its indoor Eco Friendly dog cafes. It has become a haven for dog lovers seeking the perfect indoor spot to enjoy a cup of coffee with their furry companions.

If you love to spend more time with your pets such as dogs then you want to eat with them at your favorite places. There are a range of indoor dog cafes in toronto but all of these do not welcome your furry friend. However you can find some dog friendly coffee shops in Toronto which are best to visit with your pups.

Here we have put together the list of 7 Coffee cafe dog friendly to spend quality time and make your date with your puppy more special.

135 Ossington is one of the best indoor dog & cat friendly cafes. The cafe is known for its large and cozy place that suits all people and their pets. 135 Ossington is a charming and welcoming place for dogs with water bowls and dog treats at the entry just to make them feel at home.

Menu range from different preferences where organic teas, coffees, and delicious pastries are served. The moderate ambiance alongside the open-air sitting space makes the location an excellent spot for dog owners to relax and enjoy themselves. The best part about 135 Ossington is that it is a space for everyone including dogs which is where love and respect come from.

The 23 Cafe offer a relaxed place that is hidden & located near Bellwood. It is a beautiful place to enjoy coffee and other dishes with your furry friend. From the moment you walk into 23 Cafe, you are greeted by an inviting atmosphere that is good for pets as well as pet owners. It has comfy seats where pets can relax at the owner’s feet while enjoying the relaxing ambiance.

The menu offered at 23 Cafe features a selection of teas and coffees that are gourmet along with freshly baked items as well as light meals. 

This cafe allows pet owners to spend moments with their dogs as they savor delicious meals. The attentiveness of the staff to the canines and humans will ensure a pleasant time for everyone.

Service options: Has outdoor seating · Serves great cocktails · Has Wi-Fi
Address: 5, Jalan Titiwangsa 3/2, Taman Tampoi Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Open ⋅ Closes 3 am
Updated by this business 6 weeks ago
Phone: +60 10-290 0100

Beatrice Society Cafe is a very pet-friendly place. It situated in a picture perfect place where people can hang out with their dogs in a tranquil manner. The decor is so amazing that it generates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

The puppy cafe in Toronto offers a wide range of specialty teas, coffee delicacies, fine and tasty dishes. There is an outdoor patio where you can enjoy warm summer days and where your dog can lie next to you while you are sipping your drink. Note that you should arrive only at times that suit dogs when coming here.

Buno Coffee brands itself with its modern design, which provides top-of-the-class coffee. This cafe is a heaven for coffee lovers and their dogs with a stylish and relaxed atmosphere for all. The Buno Coffee staff is passionate about serving both human and dog customers, and you will get it from the moment you step in.
The coffee on the menu are carefully put together, including the best of the best high-quality beans from different part of the world. Dogs are provided with water bowls and many pets by the friendly staff so that they feel like VIP guests. Buno Coffee’s excellent choice in its service also makes it a distinctive takeaway/cafe place for dog owners and their pets.

Address: 136 Lauder Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3E5, Canada
Closed ⋅ Opens 8 am
Phone: +1 416-822-2259

Bevy Coffee is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere & community focus approach. This dog friendly cafe is a bustling hub of activity, where dog owners can enjoy a superb cup of coffee in the company of their beloved pets. The interior is spacious and airy, with plenty of room for dogs to relax comfortably.

The menu at Bevy Coffee is diverse, offering everything from classic coffee drinks to innovative concoctions, along with a selection of tasty snacks.

The outdoor seating area is especially popular among dog owners, providing a pleasant environment to soak up the sun with their furry friends. The staff’s friendly and accommodating nature ensures that every visit to Bevy Coffee is a joyous occasion for both humans and dogs.

The Tom & Sawyer is one of the best dog friendly cafe in Toronto that provides healthy and tasty meals suitable for pets and humans. It offers food for the whole family including furry friends. So, they offer food for dogs & cats designed with healthy ingredients. It is an attractive sitting place for dogs and their owners, making it a more favourable choice for dog lovers.

This unique establishment knows the importance of healthy foods for canines and provides a menu designed specifically for dogs & cats. The human menu is also an ideal choice offering fresh and local ingredients used in each food item.

The Bernese Barista is a Dog friendly cafe with its beautiful space making it the ideal place for pet owners looking for a relaxed environment. The name is a tribute to the charming Bernese Mountain Dog that often greets patrons. The cafe celebrates the bonds between pets and humans. Its atmosphere is relaxed and has a diverse mix of furnishings and décor which enhances the character of the place.

They designed their menu carefully to provide healthy food. It’s a gorgeous seating area and welcoming environment makes it a perfect choice for all pet lovers living who live in Toronto.

Toronto’s dog-friendly cafés offer great food options for pet owners to enjoy the different dishes along with their pets. If you’re in search of dog and cat friendly cafes to sit and relax with your pet, these cafés are the best choice.

Markham’s Dog-Friendly Cafe
Mon -Tues: CLOSED
Wed: 10AM-6PM
Thurs: 10AM-5PM
Fri/Sat: 9AM-5PM
Sun: 10AM-6PM

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