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Kraft peanut butter cookies Recipe Ingredients According to Canadian Old Fashioned

peanut Butter cookies Recipe
  1. You can place the two baking sheets aside when you are done preheating the oven to about 180℃.
  2. To make a good and smooth paste through mixing, add the peanut paste and the flour of whole wheat in a big bowl and mix them perfectly.
  3. To make your batter fluffy and bring softness to it, add both the usual sugar and jaggery to it in the form of granules and keep beating them for some time.
  4. In the 4th step, add the egg and mix vanilla extraction into the mixture until both things are fully mixed take place.
  5. Have an individual bowl placed and add the materials like baking soda and powder, flour, and salt and then whisk it until the whole mixture gets combined perfectly.
  6. Slowly add the materials that are very dry and try to mix them finely at a very low speed unless you see all the lumps disappear.
  7. Take care of the dough and try not to mix it excessively.
  8. With the help of a fork draw a cross sign on the top of the biscuit or cookie & peanut butter balls.
  9. Then baking the peanut butter cookies in an oven that is already hot takes place. They are placed in that oven for about 10 to 20 minutes or until the crisp edges of the cookies are observed getting a golden brownish color.
  10. After the complete baking process, let the Kraft peanut butter cookies cool down when they are taken out of the oven. Let them rest on baking mats for some time and then transfer them to a jar or box etc.
  • Do not add an excessive amount of salt if you are using salted butter.
  • Most people bake these cookies using peanut paste that is sweet, but you can also try to make them using peanut paste that is not sweet.
  • Next time try using a peanut paste that is chunky, or you can additionally add peanuts chopped using a knife to the top of the cookies.

Many look forward to using it as a snack that is very dry to eat.

You can add your favorite toppings of your personal choice to the top of the cookie such as honey, sprinkles, and strawberries.

Whenever you are hungry, you can have these kraft peanut butter cookies to eliminate your hunger.

People use it in their pies to form the base.

It can also be used as a snack at high tea times.

Can also be placed on a party platter on special occasions.

1. Your skin may glow and your hair strengthen.

2. You might face a decrease in your weight.

3. Your appetite will be satisfied by consuming it.

4. It can also help diabetic patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

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