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Metro Toronto Convention Centre north Building

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), situated in Toronto, is the top exposition and business exhibition venue in Canada. The top-notch facility has 442,000 square feet of booths, 77 banquet halls, versatile dance halls, and a theater ready for business affairs and live performances. Convention and conference organizers consider the MTCC world-class, and it is close to many municipalities. Most popular attractions, eateries, and nightclubs.

Events at Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Exhibitions of every kind are held at the MTCC, including seminars, global trade exhibits, monetary and political conventions (like the G7 or the G20), performances, expos, and more.

Like CHFA show

CHFA NOW Toronto seeks to link companies, merchants, and industry leaders who work to put more nutritious, amorphous, and holistic goods in Canadian pockets. Our newly constructed residence is located across the corridor. Final spots, event venues, vendors, and monuments will commemorate this occasion under Meetings Mean Business Canada! On March 30, 2023, attractions and monuments throughout Toronto will turn blue in honor of Global Conventions Manufacturing Day. This is to emphasize the significance and essential contributions of the conferences, gatherings, and exhibitions sector.

Hotels near Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Toronto is a city brimming with innovation and originality, and this is also true of its hotels. Following are a few examples of how festivities will be energized by expert regional art selection.

Gladstone Residential Facilities

Throughout Queen Street West’s diverse stretch, where intrepid retail proprietors, food entrepreneurs, and contemporary artists are reviving the neighborhood. You won’t encounter big-box retailers or global hotel names. The 133-year-old hotel landmark Gladstone House offers a warm setting for visitors and regional artists.

Authentic paintings are included throughout all individual the establishment accommodation spaces, and while there are a couple of perpetual pieces visible (such as the magnificent ceiling painting Affection & Above by sculptor and decorator Bryan Espiritu in the lobby), the majority of the paintings in the public areas are changed out every three months.

Drake Inn

The Drake Inn Hotel, located just a few blocks east of Gladstone House, promotes provocative pieces by renowned, up-and-coming, and budding producers. Melanie Luna’s piece is displayed in the hotel foyer. Untitled Wasteland, 2021 is a painting on mylar that is a component of the resort’s Meanwhile Here show. The installation aims to entice visitors into a deeper understanding of the environment. To select a work of art that can be understood by many people. In addition, start conversations among acquaintances by presenting them with someone startling and unforeseen.

PARK Hyatt Toronto


The Park Hyatt Toronto offers a Group of Seven-inspired cabin aesthetic and color scheme. As of a calendar year ago, it was reopened after undergoing a major refurbishment. It also unveiled an enduring art collection containing modern artwork by Canadian and Aboriginal painters. The majority of which were specifically designed for the property’s outdoor areas. In order to advance and expand tourism and business in Ontario, the company and its shareholders administer, preserve, and oversee a conference and exhibition facility of the highest caliber. This facility is situated in Toronto.


Easily Accessible Parking Garage Metro Toronto Convention Centre

We have 1,700 interior garages located between our North and South buildings. Easy entrance and exit from the parking area thanks to Express-Pay (credit card) parking! Along with cash, driveways accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Due to the pace of our ultra-fast line and Fast Roadways, we strongly advise using a credit card to pay. The Convention Centre Metro is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is entirely wheelchair-friendly for those with impairments, including appropriate parking, escalators, a bespoke telephone, and restrooms.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a metro convention center?

A renowned convention center, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It is well regarded internationally and is a top option for participants over the world. As it is located in Canada’s largest city. The MTCC has hosted almost 21,000 programs. The MTCC has hosted almost 21,000 programs.

Where is the Toronto Metro Convention Centre?

Metro Convention Centre, sometimes MTCC), is a convention complex located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada along Front Street West in the former Railway Lands in downtown Toronto.

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