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Canadian Tulip Festival Ottawa 2024

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History of tulip Festival Ottawa Documentary Free

It first began during World War I. Seymour Cobley of the Royal Horticultural Society donated 83,000 tulips to Canada to honor their involvement in the war. Then, in 1945, the Dutroyaloya family sent 100,000 tulip bulbs to Ottawa as a gesture of gratitude for sheltering Queen Juliana and her family during the occupation of the Netherlands. In 1946, Queen Juliana sent an additional 20,500 bulbs and promised 10,000 more each year. This occasion marked the beginning of the historical tulip festivals in Ottawa. As the years passed, in addition to celebrating tulips, the festival also held outdoor concerts, crafts and cultural events. It developed into an international symbol of friendship as renowned artists from all over the world attended the events.

Tulip Festival Ottawa 2024 Location

The Tulip Festival Ottawa is held in Commissioner, which is situated alongside Dows Lake in Ottawa, Canada. The garden changes into colorful displays of tulips during the festival. Dows Lake is a picturesque body of water, and the garden’s location makes it an ideal setting for showcasing thousands of tulips in various colors and arrangements. Commissioner spans an appropriately large 8 acres and is known for stunning floral displays.

During the festival, visitors can enjoy the paths that wind through the tulip beds, allowing them to get up close to the blossoms and take in their beauty. The tulip beds are carefully designed to create a visually appealing pattern and arrangement that highlights the different colors and varieties of tulips.

The tulip festival Ottawa usually takes place over the course of several days, typically in the spring.

You can explore several places to see tulips:

Central experimental farm

This agriculture research facility often features tulip displays. The ornamental gardens within the farm are known for their diverse tulip varieties.

Parliament Hill grounds

Some tulip beds are set on the Parliament Hill grounds.

Rideau hall

The official residence of the Canadian monarch often has tulip displays in its beautifully landscaped garden.

Mackenzie King Estate

This estate in Gatineau Park, just across the Ottawa River, has a garden where you might find tulips.

Dominion Arboretum

Part of the central experimental farm. It’s a peaceful place to enjoy nature.

Vincent Massey Park

It is not a well-known park, but this park can surprise you with tulip displays during the right season.

Tulip Festival Ottawa Tickets

The Tulip Festival Ottawa generally offers free access to its main attractions, including tulip displays and public events. These events were held in public spaces like Commissioners Park and other locations around Ottawa. There have been special events, guided tours, and experiences that required tickets or reservations. These could include things like guided tours of the tulip garden, workshops, concerts, or other premium experiences.

Kids Activities

Festival organizers typically provide a range of kid-friendly activities to make the event enjoyable for young visitors. These activities might include face painting, art and craft workshops, interactive games, storytelling sessions, and possibly even amusement rides.

Educational Opportunities in Tulip Festival Ottawa

Some festival additions might also include an educational component where kids can learn about Ottawa. This could involve workshops or exhibits that teach children.


During the festival, you might find a variety of souvenirs related to the tulip theme. These could include items like tulip-themed merchandise, apparel accessories, and locally crafted products. Purchasing these souvenirs can be a way for visitors to take home a piece of the festival experience.

Best Photography Tips for the Tulip Festival Ottawa 2024

Food and refreshments In Tulip Festival Ottawa

Food vendors often set up stalls offering a range of snacks, beverages, and meals. This ensures that families have the option to keep everyone energized throughout their visit.

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