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Sip, Savor, Disco: Pizza Wine Disco to Elevate Classic Pizza Styles


Pizza Wine Disco Toronto is a brand-new concept in entertainment with an incredible new venue in the center of Toronto. It’s a lounge, restaurant, and nightclub rolled into one! The themed restaurant offers delicious pizzas, wings, desserts, and more. However, when the sun sets, the restaurant becomes a fantastic nightclub with bright lighting and loud music that keeps you dancing all night.

The design concept became a reality after two years of planning and brainstorming by the owner, Gurpreet Kailey, and his five co-owners. Collaborating with partners Jason Bitton, Rahul Raina, Luca DiDonato, Adan Szabo, and Liberty Entertainment Group President & CEO Nick DiDonato, Kailey turned this dream into reality.

Pizza Wine disco Atmosphere

When you step into Pizza Wine Disco toronto, you will see the brightly illuminated Pizza Wine Disco neon sign along with a beautiful marble bar. It’s the perfect spot for big parties, birthdays, celebrations, and romantic nights. PWD is also a flexible space that is Instagram-worthy for all occasions.

The venue’s main attraction is the soon-to-be iconic disco room, a spectacular visual experience with LED lighting, a mirror that extends from floor to ceiling, and a suspended disco ball that takes your mind back to the 70s. The stunning four-sided marble bar, adorned with impressive quantities of sparkling bottles, sits on the south side of the restaurant. Numerous high-end tables surround it. As the word “wine” appears in the place’s name, the restaurant has a big wine display so that you may look at the options while being taken to your candle-lit table.

Dining and pizza options

You must look at the menu before you get down and groove to some amazing disco beats. It’s led by award-winning head chef, Umberto Aceto, who adds his unique flavour to some traditional Italian food items.

Working in the business for over nine years, Aceto has always been passionate about food. While working at some of Toronto’s top places to visit this weekend, such as Harbour 60 and Buca, he gained the most extensive knowledge of food from Toronto’s most renowned performers.

A variety of ravioli filled with plates of pasta are available. Short Rib Ravioli calls for braised short ribs and is served in a hot tomato sauce, including black pepper and grated Parmigiano garnish. Each dish has been created with great care and detail, from shared charcuterie boards to hand-made pasta and gourmet pizzas.

Foodie lovers can enjoy all types of pizzas. With only the best ingredients and using traditional techniques for cooking pizzas in their restaurant, they provide a delicious feast for the senses. If you’re fond of the classic Margaritas or a more adventurous mix like Hot and Honey, there’s an option that will satisfy your every desire. If you’re looking for a meaty option, the Steak Florentine & Frites is certainly where it’s at.

Enjoy Night in Pizza Wine Disco


When the night progresses, as the DJ is brought onto the stage, Pizza Wine Disco transforms into a party like it’s never seen before. It offers a vibrant mixture of classic disco songs and modern remixes that will set your mood and give you good vibes. If you’re planning a celebration for a special celebration each evening is a blast.

Visit Pizza Wine Disco Toronto today

Located on King Street West toronto, Pizza Wine Disco is available from 5 p.m. It’s perfect for both small and large parties as well as bottle service and corporate events. The kitchen closes each evening at 11 p.m. Table will be moved to create space for the dance area which will be active until 3:00 a.m. At Pizza Wine Disco toronto, the dancing never ends. Drink, sip, and dance all night long. It’s something you’ll never forget.

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