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Privacy Policy

Who we are

Visitors of https://ottimes.ca, are subject to the aforementioned terms and conditions as of right away.

The following information outlines our practices for gathering, using, and disclosing data concerning you when you visit our web pages, correspondence, and smartphone apps (collectively, “Site”). The phrases “we”, “us”, and “ottimes.ca” relate to https://www.ottimes.ca. Users agree that we can acquire, apply, and disclose data pertaining to your as defined in this privacy statement whenever you access the web page.

Our Identity – ottimes.ca

Data Our team Gather and The way We Make use of It Fundamentally Identified Data

Both the details that voluntarily provide on or via the website and the data we as a species gather in the course of your usage of the website could be stored by ourselves.

We continually monitor your internet protocol address, the quantity, regularity, and length of the time you spend visits to the Website or the particular areas you open, as well as the kind of website that employ, your ISP, the computer’s OS of your device, and whatever data that seek out through the Website. Everyone apply the data to carry out your inquiries, convey the features offered by the Website, boost the Site’s performance, cater to your unique requirements, monitor consumption of the Website, demonstrate pertinent publicity, offer excellent service, preserve our servers for catastrophe recovery, strengthen the Site’s privacy, and adhere to regulations.

Any private data: Except expressly permitted by customers or legally mandated by regulations, we won’t share or otherwise divulge any specific data. To create statistics on demographics and interests, we rely on Google Analytics. You may refuse this by clicking there.

Email username and title: When utilizing web pages like leaving feedback, you have the option of revealing it.


Native persistent things, often known as “flash cookies,” and other comparable technologies may be used by us, as well as by other organizations on whose behalf we collaborate, to track the way you navigate the Page and other web pages (“Cookies”). Tiny text files known as cookies, which may include distinctive numbers, can be found on your laptop or tablet, in conversations we communicate with you, as well as our website pages. Cookies may communicate data pertaining to you and how you operate the site, including the time and year that you last use, the type of equipment you use, and your search engine, facts about adverts that are currently shown for you or which you might have selected on, as well as data like your viewing or clicking behavior. Cookies can either be temporary or permanent, and they can be retained only one time.

We are going to create an interim cookie to see if your webcam permits cookies if you establish a database and register in to our page. The aforementioned cookie is deleted when the window is closed and does not contain any sensitive data.

You can choose whether or not to have your address, website, and email address saved in cookies whenever you post a review on our website. These are provided for the sake of simplicity to ensure you won’t have to re-enter your information each time you post a remark. The shelf life of these cookies is one year.

Outside Entities

We might divulge the following details to unknown individuals:

Promoters: We might permit other organizations to employ Cookies (NPII) on the website in order to gather the exact kinds of data that ottimes.ca uses for its own purposes. If they’ve gathered extra details concerning individuals from other databases, they might be possible to link the data they gather with that data.

By using the AdSense cookie, Google and its affiliates can target advertisements to visitors of ottimes.ca by tracking their visits to this website.

Visit the homepage of the Google ad and media system confidentiality agreement at the following website URL

Google’s existing confidentiality guidelines apply to consumer surveillance using cookie technologies like the Adwords cookie. Although we may not have permission to or jurisdiction the kinds of Cookies they employ, by clicking the aforementioned link, you might be able to reject certain of those methods.

Sites leading to other domains

On this website, we’ve provided links that you can use and refer to. The confidentiality agreements on these other sites do not constitute our responsibility. You ought to be cognizant that those sites’ terms of service might not be the same as ours. This internet address contains a multitude of “web links” to sites run by several different people, businesses, and offices. The majority of the aforementioned websites trace your behavior via cookies and log archives, as others may also employ additional methods to monitor and maintain an eye on how you browse their official sites. A few of the hyperlinks require middlemen like Commission Junction, which records your view, stores a cookie, and sends the inquiry to a different internet server.

While changing the material and marketing on this internet address, some vendors provide us with composite transaction data. For instance, bedandbreakfast.com provides the exact goods that customers who ended up buying through this blog acquired. Nevertheless receive no personally identifiable data from these third-party vendors.

Option Out: To avoid being watched by Google Analytics, click here. you may employ a disable firefox add-on.

Material from various websites that incorporates

This website’s blogs may contain inserted material (such as videos, photographs, articles, etc.). When another webpage’s information is incorporated into it, it operates exactly as if an individual had really accessed an additional site.

These internet pages may gather data pertaining to you, use cookies, incorporate extra outside surveillance, and keep monitor of how you engage through the associated material. If you possess a user account with them and have been signed in on their internet page, they may also be able follow how visitors navigate the integrated material.

Membership to Mail

Individual Info We Gather Contact Addresses, identities, IP Addresses, and Magazine broadens and presses

Unless a client requests that we conceal and/or erase his info, we retain such sensitive data for an unspecified period of duration. Whenever anyone choose to un Uasiblely, all of your information will be permanently destroyed.


We safeguard the private data you provide to us by adhering to prevailing business practices, throughout its transit as well as once we obtain it. No form of digital storage or distribution via the World Wide Web or via a portable device, nonetheless is 100 percent safe. As a result, even though we make an effort to safeguard your private data using appropriate business safeguards, we are unable to ensure its total protection.


To help with unwanted messages identification, we additionally store users’ IP addresses and internet  agent strings in addition to the information that is presented in the feedback box when they write remarks on our blog.

The  system may get an encrypted text (also known as a hash) generated by the email you use in order to determine how well you are utilizing it. You can access the Gravatar service’s privacy statement at https://automattic.com/privacy/. Once your comment has been approved, everyone who reads it can see your avatar next to it.

What period of time we keep your information?

When you post a response, both the comment and any associated information are kept forever. This allows us to notice and publish any extra feedback promptly rather than keeping those in a queue.

What’s happening data privacy obligations are yours?

You will have the option of asking to get a downloaded copy of the private information we possess concerning you, along with any information that you have given us, when you had a profile on our website or posted remarks. You are able to appeal us to delete any private proof we may have about anyone. That is not applicable to any information that we must maintain for legal, procedural, or safety precautions.

Wherever your Information is Sent

Using a computerized spyware detection tool, remarks from visitors are reviewed. The use of cookies allows Google Analytics (US) to monitor visitor involvement.

Our records in the Google cloud is where we keep personal ids.

Arbitration Settlement

Genuinely think OTTIMES has not abided by this policy on confidentiality, you can email us at the contact information provided below or send to us on the following email:

Message me at report@ottimes.ca

Changes to This Privacy Statement

This confidentiality agreement is subject to revision at any moment.