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Universities in Ottawa : Ottawa’s 5 Best Universities for International students

Canada’s capital is Ottawa which is also the fourth largest city with a population of around 1.4 million people. Only 66% of this country’s citizens live in this city and the rest live in the surrounding areas. People in these areas speak English and French, which reflect their culture, history and rituals. Due to its cultural diversity, large numbers of foreigners come to this municipality and taking part in the ethnic mosaic.

Plausible reasons for attending University Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is an ideal location for interacting with international students. It provides international pupils with the opportunity to get a high quality education, participate in a variety of activities, and more.

Top Universities in Ottawa – the Best Hub for knowledge

The area boasts the highest proportion of people with higher education degrees in Ottawa. 51% of adults have an undergraduate degree, and 43% of all jobs are in the arts and culture sector.

University of Ottawa is among the top institutions of learning in Canada

Ottawa is the nation’s top education city. Over 7500 people are employed by the 1922 company in Ottawa’s knowledge-based industries, which are expanding. Providing outstanding English and French instruction to all, it is a catholic school and offers exclusive educational facilities.

Multiethnic milieu

Ottawa has developed into a fascinating global city due to its diverse races, languages, and faiths and strong labor pool. The town is Ontario’s second-busiest immigrant location after Toronto, and it represents a significant hub for Francophone immigrants.

A city like Ottawa is multicultural and dynamic

Ottawa is a young region that is quickly becoming more diverse; a quarter of its citizens are immigrants, and the municipality’s immigrant population is growing twice as quickly as the other segments of the citizenry. All four parts of the world have been covered with 53 percent of newcomers coming from Asia and the Middle East.

Students from around the world can pursue a wide variety of programs at universities in Ottawa. International students in Ottawa can choose from the top 5 universities:

  • Ottawa University
  • University of Carleton
  • Dominican University College
  • University of Saint Paul

Ottawa, Canada, has 5 best universities for international Students.

Now let’s get into details:

1. University of Ottawa

The Catholic University of Ottawa is sometimes referred to as UOttawa. Aside from being the top-notch university in Canada, it is also among the most prestigious educational institutions around the globe. The university was founded in 1848.

The university offers doctorate, law, management, social sciences and history courses. Ottawa University has a 42% acceptance rate. Like one observes, the admission ratio at the Catholic University of Ottawa is 42 percent. This implies that out of three applicants, at least one is admitted. The University of Ottawa accepts fall and January intakes. Candidates at uOttawa may register directly on the school’s site using the brochure. Using uOttawa Registration, consumers can also gain access to a sizable material repository.

uOttawa Institute Ambience

The University of Ottawa provides a variety of facilities to their students, such as health care, a female fitness center, and psychologists for treating depression or anxiety. Campus safety protocols include pupil surveillance, midnight transportation chauffeur & limo service, crisis management systems, and regulated dorm privileges. A variety of events are also held alongside studying, such as student week, music night, prom, carnivals, concerts and more.

A unique feature of this location is the availability of galleries, national celebrations, and adventure activities situated in a stunning ecological setting. Pupils can familiarize themselves with local landmarks, galleries, museums, art shows, dining establishments, moviegoers, and music festivals throughout the school year. The abundance of natural areas and the extensive system of bike lanes will delight those who enjoy the outdoors.

Foreign students at uOttawa pay, typically, between CAD 18000 and CAD 27000 for their bachelor’s degree. The median expense of advanced study at uOttawa for overseas learners is from 8000 to 13000 CAD.

2. Carleton University Canada

The majority of students at Carleton University Canada are from other countries. While questioned about the Carleton University Review, a significant portion of learners equally acquainted with Carleton and U of O tended to favor the more prestigious institution. This encouraged an increasing number of Carleton University potential candidates. Below are some facts about Carleton University:

Carleton university Canada ranking

Carleton University is ranked 651–700 in the world by QS, 501–600 by Times Higher Education, and 701–800 by ARWU.

Admission rates at Carleton University

Admission Rate for Carleton University Graduates: 21%

Additionally, Carleton Chronicle programs that combine degrees are well-liked. They give undergraduates a chance to study abroad for a few terms, giving them an authentic global educational opportunity. Carleton University’s PhD programs also help individuals develop a livelihood based on their research results.

3. Dominican University College Ottawa

Dominican University College is one of Ottawa’s most flexible universities. It has connections to Carleton University. The students are entitled to the bookstore at Carleton University and participate in the same enrollment program. They can enroll in courses at Carleton University, and Carleton graduates can enroll in majors at Dominican. Additionally, Dominican University College students can participate in courses through the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ottawa.

Dominican University College offers the following courses:

  • Philosophy of analysis and epistemology
  • Introduction to Philosophy: An Ancient and Modern Perspective on Dialecticism
  • Critical Thinking Pedagogy of Kant
  • Logic 1
  • Present moral dilemmas
  • Metaphysics philosophy
  • Latest Phenomenology Research
  • Logic in the seventeenth century
  • In the 17th and 18th centuries, empiricism emerged.
  • Medieval Ethics Courses

4. Saint Paul University Canada

Located in Ottawa, Saint Paul University is a Catholic public university. The college speaks two languages. It provides instruction in both French and English. Postdoctoral and undergraduate programs is available at higher education institutions. University lecturers’ publications can be found in the Jean-Léon Allie Library at Saint Paul University. Anyone can communicate with Saint Paul’s current learners via the university’s portal. The admission rate at Saint Paul University is extremely close to 55%.
The list of available courses is:

  • Programs for Undergraduates at Saint Paul University:
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Using social media
  • Behavioral Sciences and Spirituality
  • Community innovation
  • Theology, societal ethics, and spirituality
  • Saint Paul University’s graduate programs include:
  • Conflict Studies in Canon Law, Psychotherapy, and Spirituality
  • Philosophy, public ethics, and theology

Tuition and incidental fees of bachelor’s degree

A bachelor’s degree at Saint Paul University costs CAD $7000, and the post-graduate program costs CAD $6900.

Frequently Asked Question

Where is Ottawa University located?

It is located in Canada’s capital Ottawa on the other side of the Rideau Canal.

What language is spoken at Ottawa?

People mostly speak English or French.

What is the ranking of Ottawa University in the world?

The university is on 237 rank in 2023.

What can I do at university of Ottawa?

You can play games, study in the library, and many other fun or academic activities.

Is Ottawa University good for international students?

Yes it has good security, dorms, and big dining halls for all foreigner students. It is also economical and high quality education plus it’s advantage is that it is nearest to the Canada capital.

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