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What is Ottawa?

Ottawa Map

Ottawa is the 14 highest cities in the world. Also, Ottawa is the second cleanest city in Canada. Furthermore, it’s the third cleanest city worldwide. Ottawa is a sparkling and vigorous city with two large and popular universities named the University of Ottawa and Carleton University.

Ottawa has four distinct seasons. Winter starts in November and snow falling starts in December. Usually, this season ends in March or lasts until April. Also, -14.8°C is the average January temperature. On the other hand, the spring season in Ottawa is fresh and short. It starts in April and lasts until May with some rain showers. The summer is very hot and usually starts in June and lasts until September. The average temperature in summer is 30°C or higher during the day. Also, humidity can increase all around the summer.  Typically, autumn starts in September and lasts until November. It’s a beautiful season in Ottawa and offers some of the country’s most eye-catching scenes. Living in Ottawa is great because the weather is appropriate for each season. The winter season is a source of joy in Ottawa.

Where is Ottawa located In Canada?

The city is situated at the confluence of the Ottawa River and the Rideau River in southern Ontario. Ottawa is the political center of Canada. Furthermore, it is situated in southeastern Ontario. Also, it’s an accommodation at the Canadian administration seat. Ottawa is an ideal place to visit and explore historically rich attractions. You shouldn’t miss seeing Parliament Hill, neo-Gothic buildings, and Notre-Dame Cathedral when you are visiting Ottawa.

Typically, the audience asks a common question about Ottawa: “What’s the population of Ottawa?” In 2017, the population of Ottawa was recorded as 989,657 and it can be exceeded up to 1.05 million by the end of year 2023. Ottawa has covered 4715 square kilometers of area.

Ottawa tourist attractions for young adults


Time does not matter when choosing a tour to Ottawa. Ottawa is one of the best places to visit.

The top-ranked Ottawa tourist attractions are listed below to explore:

Communities and Culture along the Rideau Canal

Rideau Canal is a great place to visit in any season. Let’s walk or cycle around the canal’s scenic pathway. Also, you can enjoy an eco-friendly cruise on the canal’s water. Do you love exploring water on your own? Umm, yes? So, rent a kayak or paddleboat and start exploring the water sights. Typically, from December to February, the canal’s frozen water acts as the world’s largest rink. The most interesting thing about this site is that it is free entry and open 24 hours.

national museum ottawa

Canada’s capital is the hub for seven museums. Furthermore, it provides a peerless approach to the national historical treasures. The national museum offers the world’s largest indoor collections of totem poles, elegant Indigenous and Canadian art, traditional dinosaur fossils, heroic Canadian military stories, and much more.

Byward Market neighborhood

Do you want to explore the largest farmer’s market in Canada? so, visit bayward market neighborhood. You will find boutiques, fresh food, maple syrups, eateries, galleries, and more within the four square blocks.

ottawa river cruise

Get a stunning view of the Ottawa River. Furthermore, the Ottawa, Ontario to Gatineau, Quebec bridges are connected and can be explored by strolling, biking, or driving. Water activities are available on the Ottawa River. Ottawa’s average winter temperature can be as low as 7°F and as high as 23°F. Enjoy whitewater kayaking with your loved ones.

Parliament hill ottawa Ontario

It’s eye-catching, elegant, and the best spot in the country capital. It gives an iconic view of the Ottawa River. By visiting this attraction, you will see the Neo-Gothic-style federal government buildings. It was built between 1859 and 1927. Besides this, it’s a great place to visit.

Sunrise and sunset times In Ottawa Ontario

Sep 28, 20236:55 AM
Sep 29, 20236:56 AM
Sep 30, 20236:57 AM
Oct 1, 20236:58 AM
Oct 2, 20237:00 AM
Oct 3, 20237:01 AM
Oct 4, 20237:02 AM
Oct 5, 20237:03 AM
Oct 6, 20237:05 AM
Oct 7, 20237:06 AM
Oct 8, 20237:07 AM
Oct 9, 20237:09 AM
Oct 10, 20237:10 AM
Oct 11, 20237:11 AM
Oct 12, 20237:12 AM
Oct 13, 20237:14 AM
Oct 14, 20237:15 AM
Oct 15, 20237:16 AM
Oct 16, 20237:18 AM
Oct 17, 20237:19 AM
Oct 18, 20237:20 AM
Oct 19, 20237:22 AM
Oct 20, 20237:23 AM
Oct 21, 20237:24 AM
Oct 22, 20237:26 AM
Oct 23, 20237:27 AM
Oct 24, 20237:28 AM
Oct 25, 20237:29 AM
Oct 26, 20237:32 AM

fun things to do in ottawa tonight for young adults

Though Ottawa is not famous for its nightlife it still offers something to do tonight. Outing in Ottawa are relaxed and joyful. Usually, people living in Ottawa prefer to meet in the pub after their day’s work or in the evening. Some of them will share nachos with others or wash them with beer. The city offers various clubs and pubs for those looking for fun and adventure.

Hip-hop lovers’ mecca is the Manx on Elgin, and Drew Barrymore’s grandfather’s music hall, Barrymore’s Music Hall, was where she celebrated the New Year. There is something for everyone. Special mention goes to The Chateau Lafayette on York Street, Ottawa’s oldest pub, where Lucky Ron performs for free every Saturday. The experience cannot be fully comprehended or appreciated until lived.

What time is it Ottawa?

The time right now in Ottawa is 9:54 AM
Wednesday, September 27, 2023 (EDT)
Time in Ottawa, ON, Canada

How far is Ottawa from Toronto?

Ottawa and Toronto both are situated in Canada but Toronto lies with (43.7001,-79.4163) coordinates and Ottawa lies with (45.4112,-75.6981) coordinates respectively. Ottawa to Toronto is 218 miles away (218 miles = 351 km). If you choose a car to travel from Ottawa to Toronto the average distance is 446.63 kilometers.

CityLatitude and LongitudeGPS Coordinates
Toronto43.7001, -79.416343° 42´ 0.3960” N
Ottawa45.4112, -75.698145° 24´ 40.2120” N
75° 41´ 53.2320” W

Cost of living in Ottawa vs Toronto

To maintain a living standard in Ottawa you need 7,233.0C$ and 8,100.0C$ in Toronto. Most people believe Toronto is Canada’s capital. But it is wrong. It is the largest city in Canada. On the other hand, Ottawa is smaller compared to Toronto. So, which city is beautiful or where should you visit? If you are looking for job opportunities, go to Toronto while Ottawa is prettier and tiny.

What kind of architecture does Ottawa have?

The following Ottawa architecture are superb to explore:

National Gallery of Canada

It is a multicultural gallery. Furthermore, it is featured with national (Canadian) and international art. However, if we talk about its location, it is situated in downtown Ottawa (on Parliament Hill).

Canadian war museum

Such an amazing museum filled with Canadian military history. Museums have several artifacts such as meddles, artworks, and more.

Canadian museum of history

It is the hub of national culture with an IMAX theater. Also, it offers a separate museum for kids. Museums offer ethnology, anthropology, and cultural studies.

Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica

It is one of the most respected and oldest churches in Canada. It has an exterior neoclassical part that explodes its intrinsic interior. It’s a must-see attraction because of its rich carvings and beautiful stained glass windows.

Cultural Festivals in ottawa

Ottawa has something exceptional for you with historical attractions and scenic destinations. Here are the Top 5 Festivals in Ottawa ON:

Winterlude ottawa 2024

It is one of the biggest festivals and usually held in January or February in Ottawa. Skating on the frozen Rideau Canal attracts thousands of people to the city.

Canadian Tulip Festival Ottawa

Ottawa Tulip Festival 2023 - 24

The Ottawa Tulip Festival 2024 takes place in May and enjoys a fantastic view of the city. The world’s largest festival displays more than one million tulips. Also, it withdraws 650,000 visitors each year.

Ottawa International Children’s Festival

It’s the biggest festival for kids and is held in May or June. Also, it attracts many families to come and enjoy the area. It’s not only a kid’s festival but also represents the different cultures and arts from all over the world.

Fringe Festival Ottawa

This is a superb festival held in June. If you attend this festival you will be able to explore various attractions and shows within a time period of 10 days.

Why is Canada Day July 1?

Canada celebrates its birthday today. It is one of the most significant and delightful days in Canada. Also, it is celebrated on the 1st of July every year.

How to use Public transportation in ottawa canada?

Ottawa has different kinds of transit options.

O-Train rail

It offers the following two-line services.

  • Confederation Line
  • Trillium Line

Timing for O-Train running

For Monday to Thursday5 a.m. to 1 AM
Friday5 a.m. to 2 AM
Saturday6 a.m. to 2 AM
Sunday and holidays8 a.m. to 11 PM

Bus service

Ottawa offers several types of buses and each has its own transportation routes.

  • Rapid routes
  • Frequent routes
  • Local routes
  • Connection Routes

Para Transpo Ottawa

It is an exceptional transport service for disabled people. However, this service will pick you up from your doorstep and you can purchase it with a monthly transit pass to pay. Besides this, one can use Winnipeg Transit Ottawa services to travel to Ottawa.

the cheapest city to live in Ontario

Here are the cheapest cities to live in Ontario:

  • Thunder Bay
  • Ottawa
  • Rainy River
  • Deep River
  • Sudbury
  • Sarnia
  • Kingston
  • Windsor
  • London
  • Peterborough
  • Barrie

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